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Guns and Money in the USA

In the USA, the mass shootings continue amidst all the other ongoing gun crime. Meanwhile, there’s the familiar deadlocked paralysis regarding any significant progress towards effective gun control legislation. Not only is there disagreement and conflict between the Federal administration and individual states, but also among the governments of different states. If you wanted to set up a situation of deadlocked political paralysis, you couldn’t do much better than this.

How has it come about? It’s happening because ‘ambivalence rules’. What does that mean?

It means that two rival, polar opposite attitudes govern life in the USA, leaving people’s attitudes towards guns and human rights polarised into two camps. And that reflects a fundamental polarity in humankind as a whole, but now taken to extremes in the deeply corrupted, fearful, angry and confused population of the USA.

So, to gain a clearer picture of the forces, factors and dynamics involved in this seemingly unresolvable duel, let’s start from ground level and work upwards.

At ground level

At ground level there’s widespread fear, insecurity and a sense of powerless vulnerability that comes from from living in a society saturated with guns which, as symbols of personal power, are glorified in films, video games, adverts and print. This tends to prompt an urge to own and be ready to use a gun to defend oneself and one’s family against any kind of threat.

Set against this is the unavoidable realisation that the proliferation of guns, especially into the hands of immature, irresponsible, extremist and mentally unstable individuals, increases the risk, both to the general public and to targeted individuals, of being arbitrarily shot.

The wider social context of all this is an ethos of hyped up competitive rivalry. The population, kept in educationally deprived ignorance and fear, and therefore easily divided and ruled, has been fragmented, leaving people set against one another in two basic ways:

(a) as vulnerable, insecure individuals, programmed to regard others in a child-like way as rivals in a rigged, competitive, fear-and-greed-driven economy – rather than as mature adults in a balanced, cooperative and just society.

(b) as competing rival groups, cross-divided by class, wealth, ethnicity, religion, nationality etc, as the ruling manipulators cleverly provoke a hostile ‘us v. them’ attitude in the ‘child’ within each adult. Thus the current insanity of yet more guns to solve a ‘too many guns’ problem.

In this way populations can be manipulated, intimidated, herded and exploited, and in the process become demoralised and stressed out. For they are also being enticed ever deeper into debt through the offer of easy, instant credit. All of which leaves them feeling powerless and craving various compensatory substitutes for the lack of any deep fulfilment in their lives, although there are, of course, exceptions.

At the same time, any violent reacting against this stressful entrapment is punished harshly, such that the privately owned, profit-driven prison industry is booming and growing.

One level up

Hovering above that seething, frenzied pit of fear and greed-driven rivalry floats the well funded and professionally organised ‘gun lobby‘, representing a common attitude towards gun ownership shared by many very different people. It feeds off the fragile bravado that comes from carrying a gun, a bravado that masks the underlying fear, which also tends to result in a self-centred, desensitised devaluing of lives outside one’s circle of ‘our people’.

The lobbyists skilfully harness that collective will power and focus it in ways that will influence government policy, since they represent a significant number of voters.

‘Pro-guns’ supporters tend to justify their position mainly by referring to:

(a) the Second Amendment to the Constitution, affirming the right to bear arms, and

(b) the dubious observations that ‘It’s people who kill each other, not guns’, and ‘Good people with guns can prevent bad people with guns doing harm’.

Meanwhile, regarding that same situation, the cynical perspective of those zealots who are planning to reduce world population, would be: ‘Give enough guns to immature, discontented people, and sure enough, they’ll start shooting each other’… like the familiar ‘Give him enough rope and he’ll hang himself’.

The essence of the ‘pro-guns’ message, however, is defiance against any who threaten to disempower Americans by restricting their freedom to bear arms in order to defend themselves. And that defiance is directed against the Federal administration whose aim is perceived to be the disarming of citizens in order to disempower them.

Next, to understand who is controlling the Federal authorities from behind the scenes, we need to go up a level.

Second level up

A broad survey of who controls what in the USA was commissioned by the famous American patriot and entrepreneur, Henry Ford, way back in the 1920s and was published as The International Jew. In it, he described how a small number of extremely wealthy European Jewish bankers, using their financial power and banking skills, had taken control of most of America’s major industries and, especially, control of it’s money supply through setting up their privately owned, profit-driven, non-federal central bank, called the Federal Reserve.

Those industries included the major news media and entertainment corporations. And that has enabled the minds of the American people since then to be programmed and influenced in ways that suit the controllers’ agenda. Meanwhile, no mention of this has been or is allowed in any mainstream media. So, it’s not on the ‘radar’ of millions of ordinary American consumers of ‘the news’, whether on screen, on the radio or in print.

One ‘smart’ financial trick of the central bankers in all this has been their policy of hedging their bets, or double-dealing. That means funding both sides in any significant war or election, so that they, the creditors, always profit, and the ‘winning side’ is left deeply obligated to those who backed them in their hour of need.

Throughout the whole ‘gun control’ battle, this dedicated and well organised global financial enterprise is the huge unmentioned ‘elephant in the room. How so? It’s because most ordinary people find it hard to comprehend or identify with such a warped and calculating mentality that, on the one hand, craves total control, but also happily compromises since there are vast profits to be made in the guns and weaponry industry.

So, to make sense of the ideological battle between the double-dealing controllers and those determined to defy them at whatever cost, we need to rise above this level.

Third level up

From a more ‘elevated’ perspective, we can detect a polarity: the gun-toting mentality is broadly an expression of humanity’s masculine ‘side’ or ‘aspect’, whereas the craving for control is more a characteristic of humanity’s distorted feminine side from an earlier, darker era. However, that distinction could easily be misinterpreted into a gender issue.

So, just to clarify, this polarity is about the universal masculine and feminine principles, which are not the same thing as the physical gender of individuals, each of whom is a unique combination of both principles. Therefore, both women and men carry guns. And in order to transcend that potential source of confusion, we need to go up another level.

Fourth level up

From a perspective that enables some grasp of the cosmic evolutionary process, the primal polarity of the cosmos can be appreciated in the dynamic, rhythmical alternating of contraction and expansion. And the two corresponding forces of this universal pulsating process are gravity and levity.

Presently, the cosmos is in the early stages of transition from an era of contraction, ie the ‘descent into matter’, to one of expansion, an ‘ascent out of matter‘. These eras are explained in Notes from the Threshold*.

As one of the two forces temporarily prevails over the other, so the qualities it produces predominate, although always counterbalanced by those of the opposite force, since the cosmos naturally tends towards an equilibrium state.

So, the cosmic evolutionary ‘role’ of the primarily feminine ‘Jewish’ culture can now be appreciated. Throughout their long history, their function has been to counterbalance the natural dominance of the masculine principle during the long, dark descent era… using whatever methods work for them, however distorted, manipulative or devious.

But in the current turbulent phase of gradual transition into a ‘lighter’ era, that role has become redundant, and worse, a toxic liability, damaging to humankind as a whole, including Jews, as the unfolding disaster in Israel clearly demonstrates.

All the while, the ever-changing balance between the two universal forces is the background to the strains and stresses humanity collectively experiences between its masculine and feminine aspects, and the more familiar ‘duels’ between males and females.

Which brings us back to the polarity that characterises the ‘gun control’ dispute, and to the realisation of how little real communication there often is between people speaking from different levels with different perspectives on the same situation.

And so we have the pro-guns people grimly refusing, at any cost, to submit to the Zionist Federal control cravers, the result being ever more shooting massacres, while both speak in coded language, so that what the gun control battle is really all about remains obscured.

However, with a deeper understanding and an appreciation of the factors involved at the different levels of this challenging situation, practical ways of resolving it can be worked out. Which is not to say that changing deeply ingrained habits and ways of thinking is going to be easy or quick.

But the first priority, if this desperate situation is to be resolved , is to bring to an end the global ‘debt money’ scam that’s behind the funding of much of what’s wrong with this world.

The Trump Splash – reading the ripples

2016: The post-truth age begins
The election of Donald J Trump in 2016 as president of the USA was a significant tipping point in the unfolding of a greater and ongoing transition process. Appreciating the pattern of forces and other factors behind that event requires thinking about world affairs in a way very different from what has long been ‘normal’ in westernised cultures.

In the bigger, cosmic picture, that transition involves a gradual shifting from an era of universal contraction into one of expansion – as this living, conscious, pulsating cosmos tends towards a state of equilibrium, ie balance between those two polar opposite forces.

This balancing act is like an organism continuously adapting its body temperature towards an ideal level between too warm and too cold, or finding the optimum state between being too tense and too relaxed, or between consuming too much salt and too much sugar.

By contrast, swinging between extremes results in a continuous state of imbalance and discontent. To clarify all this, the simple universal principle of polarity is outlined in the next few pages. Meanwhile…

Trump: the image
Trump, already a successful commercial entrepreneur, must at some point in time have fancied himself taking on the starring role in American politics, ie President of the USA. And for that, he needed an appealing package that he could sell to a majority of US voters. So, he smartly adopted an attitude and a range of policies broadly the opposite of what had been the status quo and had by then left a large section of the US electorate deeply disillusioned.

Instead of the existing and failed system of ‘liberal globalisation’ – which in essence amounts to a worldwide, highly rigged, competitive commercial, dog-eats-dog ‘jungle’ – he offered a simplistic, nostalgic kind of old fashioned, conservative, protectionist nationalism. Presented with great enthusiasm, this resonated with many people’s wishful fantasising and longing for a return to the ‘good old days’ when they had steady jobs and felt more secure.

Trump’s basic approach, as a pragmatic, persuasive dealmaker – not a warrior/fighter – is:
‘I’ve got something you want. You’ve got something I want. So, can we make a deal?’
Which has a straightforward, down-to-earth simplicity most people can relate to.

Also in his favour was his celebrity image as a self-financing, successful, self-made billionaire, ie a proven ‘winner’ and a familiar figure on his own popular TV reality show.

Body language reveals…
However, a person’s body language can reveal qualities other than their adopted public image. For example, Trump exhibits classic female/feminine qualities in his delicate hand and finger movements and his pursed, petulant-looking lips – almost as if it were an actress playing the part of an alpha male who’s trying to assert his claim to be ‘top dog’. Meryl Streep, in a short knockabout video send-up, gave a hint of this.

Then there are the secret society/freemasonry implications of his repertoire of hand gestures, which indicate a whole other shadowy behind-the-scenes world of intrigue and deceit.

Also, consistent with his more feminine ways of operating, and behind the strident ‘I’m the man’ posturing, is his choice of colleagues. They seem mostly to be strong, old-style conservative, masculine characters who don’t agree among themselves about various key issues. Which will allow Trump to play one off against another, so that he can divide-and-rule by blaming others for any failings, and take the credit as leader when things go well.

A hyper-sensitive controller, he also constantly keeps everyone guessing as to what he’ll do or say next, by making pronouncements informally through social media. That’s ‘soft power’ in action, ie his feminine aspect or ‘side’. Which at least partly explains his disdain for such masculine, military institutions as NATO and his avoidance of formal press conferences.

In no way a ‘states-man’, he tries to act out the role of a maverick national father figure/leader and protector. So, he has selected certain enemies – as all ‘us versus them’ leaders do – that are supposedly a threat to ‘our security’. In this case, it’s the predominantly ‘Christian’ USA being threatened by the Chinese and Muslims.

Which also happens to suit the agenda of the highly influential Zionist element in the US administration. And so it all fits into a pattern – that is, when the widely known but officially suppressed fact is acknowledged that Zionist Jews currently run most Federal and major commercial affairs from behind the scenes in the USA.

The deeper cultural context here is the three-way tussle between Jews, Muslims and Christians, in which ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’, ie treachery, is the operating principle. Meanwhile, Trump claims unconvincingly to be a supportive friend of Israel and its settlement policy in Palestine, while publicly admiring the president of Russia, a country traditionally hated by Zionists. This is a smart double-dealing piece of divide-and-rule.

So, here we have an assertive, attention-seeking male, but with certain subtle, underlying feminine qualities, characteristic of the now departing, dark, descent  era in human evolving – ie someone who tries to get what he wants through bluffing, blustering and deviously manipulating people and situations.

In this way he has taken the Zionist elite’s cynical methods to a new level. And in the process, he has become a rival, a credible threat to their previously unchallenged behind-the-scenes control of the Federal administration. Also, by adopting a favourable attitude towards the Russian president, he has deeply disturbed the Khazari/Ashkenazi Zionists, who have a longstanding historical grudge against ‘the Russians’.

Psychology: the two universal principles and individual gender
In order to understand better this exceptional character who, for better or worse, is affecting many people’s lives, it’s necessary first to make an important distinction, and that is between:
(a)  the personal, individual gender of each male, female (and other categories), and
(b)  the universal, masculine & feminine principles which together give rise to gender differences, each individual being a unique combination of masculine and feminine qualities:

Failure to appreciate this distinction can result in confusion. For the masculine and feminine principles are expressions of a greater, all-inclusive polarity throughout the cosmos. Such a failure also helps explain why so many media ‘experts’ remain baffled by the Trump phenomenon, and end up passively watching and awaiting his next move, while being led ‘a merry dance’.

Here are just a few of the pairs of dynamic qualities that define this universal pattern.


Coherence behind the incoherence                                                                                                     Awareness of this underlying order makes it easier to appreciate the coherence behind the apparently incoherent tangle of current world affairs. The first thing to realise is that the cosmos is presently in a transitional phase: from a masculine-dominated era of descent into matter towards a more feminine-influenced era of ascent out of matter.

The overall effect of this transition is a shifting away from an imposed, rigid, masculine-style, uniform order towards a more fluid, feminine, accommodating, diverse and fluctuating state of affairs – naturally with many exceptions – as the unstoppable process proceeds.

Evidence of all this can be found, for example, in the discovery by scientists of what has been called the ‘expanding universe’, and in the ever increasing numbers of women worldwide now in eminent positions previously only occupied by men. There’s also the increasing tendency towards ‘winning over hearts and minds’ rather than physically conquering.

The transition is also part of an ongoing detoxing and healing process on Earth, which is bringing to the surface various long buried aspects of humankind’s dark primitive past from the now slowly departing descent into matter era.

Action and reaction
These ‘bigger picture’ changes have triggered a significant political upheaval that has been spreading around the world, despite much confusion and disagreement as to what it’s really all about. Many people are aware that significant changes are happening, yet the unfolding story has so far only been reported by the mainstream media in partial and partisan ways.

Meanwhile, more and more people are relying on social media and particular blogs for their feeds of so-called ‘news and comment’. Thus the worldwide web has become a vast ‘tower of Babel’, with a multitude of discordant ‘voices’, each presenting their own particular perspective and view, many promoting extremely prejudiced and divisive agendas.

Many have reacted against the ‘globalised’ commercialising of just about everything – which is one of the early effects of the transition, ie the shift away from a State-imposed, masculine kind of order and towards a dog-eat-dog marketplace world. Disgusted with the so-called ‘neo-liberal’, selfish greed-driven, money-based politics of ‘It’s the economy, stupid’ – under which the rich get richer and the poor get poorer – they have swung to an opposite and equally unbalanced extreme position. Why?

It’s because lacking any awareness of more enlightened and balanced options, many have opted for what appeared to be the only alternative available that was offering strong, clear leadership. So, as a consequence, humankind is now suffering a temporary relapse back into descent era ways, ie masculine-style, nationalistic, adversarial politics. And that’s despite the increasing number and influence of leading female politicians worldwide.

In the context of this increasingly commercialised and globalised world, many attempts are being made to revive that old and dying, divisive institution known as the nation state. In Notes from the Threshold*, the true nature of the State is sketched out, ie as an elaborate protection racket in which taxes are the protection money demanded by the dominant gang.

Consequently, all over the world ordinary people continue to be the tragic, powerless victims of historic tribal and medieval rivalries. And the way that some of these conflicts become magnified into major geo-political proxy wars, physical and economic, is a reminder of the long term agendas of certain power-lusting factions for global supremacy through dividing-and-ruling the rest of humankind.

Populist politics exposes the democracy delusion
Populist politics is broadly the attempt to harness and exploit the common feelings and attitudes of the majority of a population – ie their general discontent and wishful fantasies. And that overwhelming majority normally consists of those most educationally deprived, and thus least able to discern how their minds are being influenced and manipulated through the ruling elites’ control of the mass media and education systems.

So, populism amounts to a kind of manipulated mob rule, in which the so-called ‘will of the people’ may be little more than a temporarily shared selection of one simplistic option, chosen from a deliberately limited pre-set menu.

In the UK, the 2016 Brexit referendum revealed how widespread and deep discontent with the status quo can be harnessed, at least for a while, into  supporting pretentious, powerless politicians offering simplistic solutions for deep and complex problems.
(See ‘BREXIT 2016: a false choice‘ on the blog https://clearsthepath.wordpress.com/)

This outcome has encouraged similar political manoeuvres in other countries. But the main mass media story of 2016 was… Trump.

(Q) What’s behind the Trump populist phenomenon? (A) The male backlash                         The cosmos naturally tends towards a state of equilibrium/balance between its two primal forces, contraction and expansion. And in the current but now departing descent era, the universal feminine principle has evolved various ways of counterbalancing the predominance of the masculine principle.

The rise of Showman Trump, as such an instrument of change, is one example of this. So, by highlighting the direct connection between the universal masculine principle and the individual lives of many males worldwide, a pattern amidst the apparent chaos is revealed.

Right now, confused, disempowered men all over the world are trying to come to terms with the cosmic changes that are affecting their everyday lives. Their previously unquestioned assumption of superiority over females is evaporating. And since they don’t know what to do about it – other than angrily lash out in various ways or submit and become depressed – reported incidents of violence, other inhuman atrocities and suicides continue to increase.

In the USA there has simultaneously been a rise to prominence of unorthodox, hard- line conservative, anti-Federal ‘voices’, ie broadcasting personalities, intent on stoking up this discontent in various ways and formats. It remains to be seen whether in the future they’ll just keep on attacking the obvious but superficial financial and Federal establishment figures, or they’ll break the prevailing taboo and explicitly target the secretive Zionist elite who are running things from behind the scenes.

A prime example of this ongoing battle is outlined in the blog article ‘Guns and Money in the USA’ (on https://clearsthepath.wordpress.com) which reveals the layers of coded language, politics and finance concealing a basic contest at the interface between humanity’s masculine and feminine principles.

So, for support, Trump has tapped into the widespread frustration and resentment of the many disillusioned and angry males in the USA, as they react to the unstoppable transition from a world predominantly influenced by the masculine principle towards one more influenced by the feminine. And all the while he’s been feeding their their nostalgic fantasies and desperate longing for some ‘success’ in their lives with words of sympathy and promises of a return to the days of American ‘greatness’.

Thus his often repeated, simplistic, ‘dog whistle’ slogans and promises, which are attuned to those sentiments and serve as bait… just like in advertising and propaganda campaigns.

Yet, in the longer view of the bigger picture, he is actually hastening the decline of the universal masculine principle and the rise of the universal feminine principle, which itself is still mired by the toxic and distorting effects of the departing descent era.

Who are Papa State and Mama SCAB?
On the ground, the basic ‘Trump effect’ is clearly a disrupting of the status quo. And that status quo has long been a world dominated by an unwholesome alliance which has been symbolically portrayed in a blog article entitled ‘The Loveless Marriage of Convenience: Papa State and Mama SCAB are still running the show’ on    https://clearsthepath.wordpress.com

The ‘marriage’ is between Papa State, symbolically representing the world’s nation states (masculine), and Mama SCAB, representing the global Syndicate of Central and Arch-Banks (feminine). The arch-banks are the IMF, World Bank and BIS (Bank for International Settlements, the central bank of the central banks).

Papa State and Mama SCAB are expressions of the universal masculine and feminine principles, and these two principles are aspects of the two primal cosmic forces, contracting gravity and expanding levity.

So, SCAB is a private, profit-driven, Zionist-controlled, global financial business, the very existence of which is, unsurprisingly, a strictly taboo subject in the SCAB-controlled mainstream news media. It can be likened to a spider, with the three arch-banks at the centre of a worldwide web of central banks.

The Zionist elite themselves are a surviving relic of certain strands of humankind that date back to medieval and to ancient biblical times. For Jewish history has been traced way back to a prehistoric and predominantly feminine Hebrew culture, featuring goddesses. And that connects with the continuing matrilineal tradition which decrees that to be an authentic Jew, you must have a Jewish mother.

The destiny of the Jews
The Threshold perspective reveals a whole other dimension to the ‘Jewish problem’, regarding the ‘bigger picture’ function of the Jewish tradition and its destiny. It reveals how at this crucial tipping point for Jewish culture there is choice of options for Jews and Zionists, given that not all Jews are Zionists:
(a)  carry on as now and end up as insignificant, poor, persecuted, powerless victims, OR
(b)  become significant agents of change for the betterment of life on Earth for all humankind, just as Trump is serving as an instrument of change through disruption.

That means no longer claiming to be God’s favoured, privileged, ‘chosen’ people, but instead using their rich cultural experience and talents with a wholly different motivation.
This theme is sketched out in Notes from the Threshold*. And a key quote from that work is:

“From the Threshold pespective, with its unique overview and insight, the cosmic function of the predominantly feminine Jewish culture has been to provide a counterbalancing force to the predominantly masculine character of the descent era world. But now, in the current transition out of the descent era, that disruptive role has become redundant.”

The less publicised context of the 2016 Trump phenomenon is revealed in the following:

The Invention of the Jewish People (2007) by Professor of History at Tel Aviv University, Shlomo Sand, questions the very existence of an authentic ‘Jewish’ identity.
The Controversy of Zion in which mid-20th century political journalist for the London Times newspaper, Douglas Reed, thoroughly researched the history of Zionism up till then.                                                                                                                                                                     – The International Jew by Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motors, examined the extent of the Jewish financiers’ takeover of business in the USA already back in the 1920s.

Mama SCAB rules – so long as the addiction to ‘debt money’ persists
In the current phase of world disorder, the greed-driven aims and interests of the predominantly feminine financial institutions have been increasingly overriding the authority of the predominantly masculine nation states and their ruling elites. And that’s despite various regressive lurches back towards descent era masculine dictatorship and tyranny.

When these backward steps occur, ruling elites usually justify their status and privileged positions with promises of security, stability and protection from so-called ‘terrorists’, ‘insurgents’ or other enemies of one kind or another – as Trump is predictably doing.

And in the resulting treacherous alliances between authoritarian state governments and the unaccountable global financial syndicate, the foundations are laid for the emergence of a new global, neo-feudal, fascist regime whose aim is to reduce to a manageable size the number of  humans on Earth.

This would enable it to control the herded masses of disempowered, disillusioned, submissive humans by cleverly setting them against one another – as expendable, disposable slaves, fighters and gambling chips in the power games between different rival factions.

And so, the post-truth age begins
…with the disintegrating of the old, inertia-bound, rigid, uniform, masculine world order of the descent era, along with its straight lines and top-down command systems. The worldwide web now enables an infinite multiplicity of perspectives, opinions, prejudices and untruths to be presented as ‘true’ by just about anyone.

And this heralds a transitional spell of chaotic, short-term unpredictability and confusion. That is, until clear signs of the ascent out of matter era start to show – in a deeper, intuitive kind of knowing that’s shared by a small but significant proportion of humankind.                                                                                                                                                       Meanwhile, the ease with which the overwhelming majority of humankind has long been misled and tricked with lies, deceit and threats indicates how successful the existing education systems and mass media corporations have been – that is, successful at keeping people ignorant, fearful, discontented and greedy, ie ‘divided and ruled’… such that few today know how to question the status quo in any depth.

And that’s a measure how effective the toxic partnership of the domineering Papa State and the controlling Mama SCAB has been throughout the era of descent into matter.

Unintended consequences
In the USA, that policy of cultural deprivation was also inadvertently setting the stage for the opportunistic actor-manager/showman Trump to step into the spotlight and seize the  initiative. He seized it from the Jewish/Zionist syndicate who have long been running the show from behind the scenes, but became overconfident of their ability to continue  controlling the world through their monopoly control of the world’s money supply.

At the public ‘auditions’ he elbowed his way to a central position at the front of the stage, playing an old traditional role, but in an extreme way not seen before. The outcome was that a majority of the audience enjoyed his performance and voted for him.

So, although he was not the principal actor the sponsors had in mind for the next season, they now had to find a way to  accommodate and control him… or somehow have him removed were he to prove a serious threat to their long-term plans.

But it was already too late for them to recover their previous degree of control. The fragility of their long-running scam – achieved through clever, deceitful money manipulation – was exposed. There was no way back, because what’s once known cannot be un-known.

Also, although Trump’s style appears to be unsubtle, he is actually using subtle feminine ways, guaranteed to confuse the media experts and academics who only understand the ‘game’ as it used to be played, ie under the old and now abandoned ‘rules’ and conventions.

A new kind of dictatorship
Trump’s attempt to govern by arbitrary presidential Executive Orders – presented as ‘decisive leadership’ – is replacing the previous pretence of so-called ‘parliamentary democracy’. Consequently, what is emerging is a new kind of dictatorship, officially validated by a rigged political and electoral system that’s easily manipulable through mass media mind control.

Furthermore, Trump’s various personal failings, untruths and flaws have proved not to be a problem to his followers and sympathisers, who paradoxically consider him more ‘authentic’ and relatively less fake and corrupt than the familiar breed of politicians.

In terms of the normal political games of winners and losers, he has, in a sense, already won. How? Because if his simplistic promises do not work out as intended and his ambitious agenda is not delivered, any failing will be the fault of other people whom he can blame.

Meanwhile, his impulsive Twitter diplomacy and instant tweeting about whatever’s on his mind at any moment has thrown officialdom and the established, slower reacting mass media into confusion about how to respond to his highly personal ‘running commentary’ style.

Performing in his own chosen arena, he has gained the initiative and thus a considerable advantage over all others. Therefore, the most effective way to overcome his dominance, assuming he’s allowed to carry on the way he has started, will be to attack him and his colleagues on another level altogether.

But that involves transcending the whole trivial ‘game’ of national and international politics, as it’s presently played. The One Humanity section of Notes from the Threshold* offers a radically different and transcendent approach to this whole subject.

The business of governing
Trump, as a much-vaunted businessman, started his political career in 2016 by outsmarting the Jewish financial elite. Significantly, they too are an expression of the universal feminine principle, with their subtle, manipulative ways, although still predominantly male in personnel.

Given that they own the deceitfully named Federal Reserve central bank – which is not a Federal institution – they are able to control the ‘news industry’ in which, unsurprisingly, no public questioning of that fact is allowed. And it’s their behind-the-scenes control of US Federal government affairs that accounts for the popular wordplay expression ‘JewSA’.

Trump is also proposing massive Federal state spending on various infrastructure projects, requiring huge borrowing on top of the US national debt which already runs to trillions of dollars. Thus he is counter-bluffing the Jewish Federal Reserve elite, who currently control the US money supply through a huge financial bluff, ie a confidence trick, of their own.

As if playing a game of poker, his political spending scam/gambit is, in effect, challenging their long-running financial scam. He’s testing whether they would dare to block his popular job-creating plans. It’s a high risk strategy because that scheme would inevitably expand the US national/public debt to an even more ‘unreal’ level – given that already, mathematically, it can never be repaid because of the interest that has been accruing.

SCAB still rules – just about
And therein lies a clue as to why interest rates have now fallen so low – with the previously unthinkable prospect of them even going ‘negative’ – ie lenders paying interest to borrowers. It’s because the global Syndicate of Central and Arch-Banks, of which the US Federal Reserve is the North American ‘branch’, would simply collapse and cease to exist, should the world’s present money and banking system fail.

And given that all major banks are now technically insolvent, such a collapse is never far from occurring. Should it happen, that would mark the end of major Jewish influence and control in world affairs, as well as the demise of the Jewish State of Israel in Palestine. So, SCAB simply cannot ‘afford’ to let that happen… and Trump is aware of this fragility.

Also, SCAB‘s confidence trick of debt money only works so long as enough people agree to participate. Therefore, once a significant minority realise that the world doesn’t have to operate that way, other options appear in the menu – one of which is the radical yet practical, long term, visionary One Humanity proposal, already mentioned.

In the last resort, if the Zionists feel that their position of control over the USA Federal administration is being threatened, there is always the JFK option. This refers to how JFK was assassinated soon after making the first moves, in Executive Order 11110, towards replacing the Zionist Federal Reserve’s debt money with new money, free from their control.

A more likely fate for Trump would be his symbolic ‘death by a thousand cuts’, inflicted by the numerous Zionists and their dependent supporters in the administration and media.

The insanity of the current status quo is why these matters are publicly referred to only in obscure, coded language and jargon that the general public can’t understand, and so don’t question. If a significant number of people were to grasp what’s going on, trust in ‘the authorities’, both State and private, would diminish to even lower levels than at present.

Regarding Jews, Trump has chosen to favour the upfront, aggressive, masculine, political Zionists who presently govern Israel, over the more subtle, feminine, manipulative, behind-the-scenes, financial Zionists of the Federal Reserve… to whom he is a rival and a threat to their prized position of superiority and control. Another smart piece of ‘divide and rule’.

And while he’s playing the Jews off against the officially ‘Christian’ establishment in the USA,  there’s also his controversially sympathetic attitude towards Russia and its leadership. This goes against the long term antagonism towards Russia by Ashkenazi Jews… because they are descendants of the Khazars who lived in Khazaria, now approximately Ukraine, when it was conquered in the 10th century by what is now Russia. Another subtly divisive Trump tactic.

What if…?
Which raises the question: What happens if this ‘one man show’, Donald J Trump, suddenly ceases to be president… for whatever reason? For that would create a significant vacuum.

But for now, he has been legally elected under the existing constitutional set-up, Which itself has long been controlled, through hidden networks, by those who wield the greatest financial and media power. He’s in place, centre stage, playing President. He has called their bluff, exposing their vulnerability and that of the whole system… and their response is awaited.

All of which is making the eventual dismantling of the whole deeply flawed world system potentially easier. That is, once humankind collectively grows out of its troubled adolescent phase and starts to think beyond its currently limited menu of options… given that this episode is just one short chapter, and the main characters will soon be replaced by others.

In summary: Trump’s (unconscious) role in the bigger picture
Trump’s function in the bigger picture is viewed here from the Threshold perspective, a worldview elaborated in Notes from the Threshold*. A key factor in the whole situation is the universal cosmic tendency towards a state of equilibrium between the two complementary polar opposite forces, contracting gravity and expanding levity, which find living expression as the universal masculine and feminine principles, and then as Papa State and Mama SCAB.

In the current phase of transition from a masculine-dominated era of descent into matter towards a more feminine era of ascent out of matter, a male person is still more likely to be an effective instrument of major social change than a female.

So, as a populist male celebrity/personality, Donald J Trump is unconsciously serving the universal feminine principle. His main function is to help move human evolution along in ways that will disrupt and bring to an end, sooner rather than later, the toxic regime of Papa State and Mama SCAB. He is loosening their rigid, arthritic grip which is stifling the natural evolving of human consciousness.

Another major problem of mass mind manipulation and indoctrination – ie fear-driven, unquestioning religious belief – is being addressed in other ways. So, a key question is:
‘How bad do things have to become before humankind awakens from its sleepwalking and starts to grow out of its troubled adolescence?

And one person not to ask is Donald J Trump.

*Notes from the Threshold is a free-to-download pdf at www.pathwayinitiatives.co.uk

B R E X I T 2016 : A false choice

What it’s really all about

BREXIT: a false ‘either/or’ choice from a pre-set menu that excludes other possible options.

“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion but allow very lively debate within that spectrum – even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there is free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits being put on the range of the debate.”                                                                                                                          Noam Chomsky

In this case an animated but false debate about the UK and EU is being stoked up in order to distract attention from the secretive global governance manoeuvrings going on behind the scenes. That’s what is being indirectly alluded to in the coded warnings about a federal Europe, which itself is just one part of a wider, global strategy.

Once that is realised, neither of the two options on the pre-set referendum menu seems acceptable. For the ‘leave’ campaign is basically about regressing back into the old, dying world of nation states in a time of increasing global awareness. while the ‘remain’ campaign is advocating continuing in a direction that’s unfavourable for all humankind, although superficially advantageous for a few in the short term until its true implications start to work out

Meanwhile, any dissident voices that reject the whole fake charade of a debate are being systematically excluded from all significant public forums, and smothered by those who can afford to pay for the power of the algorithms that sabotage unwelcome internet activity.  An unbalanced, unjust and unwholesome status quo can only produce unsatisfactory outcomes. So, the bigger picture has to be addressed and radical changes have to be made at that level in order to achieve any significant improvements in ordinary people’s lives

Layers of the Onion

To read the situation more clearly it’s necessary to (a) remove the superficial ‘layers’, so as to reveal what lies beneath, and (b) acknowledge the huge ‘elephant in the room’ that no one dares to mention in public (see Layer 3). This requires us to mentally venture out of familiar comfort zones and safe harbours… into a space where bigger forces are at work. Otherwise we remain trapped within the limits of a mind-box imposed by others, and will continue to suffer the consequences.

Layer 1  The Context

Worldwide, people grow up to find that they’ve long been herded into various rival ‘teams’ – national, religious, ethnic, political, class etc – to which they’re programmed to remain loyal, whatever the outcome. The resulting tangle of competing loyalties and rivalries renders them politically impotent and thus exploitable by ruling elites. This is divide and rule in action.

It’s one way authority figures, such as parents and teachers, keep children under control: ie by exploiting the natural competitive striving of children to establish their relative status in the various pecking orders they encounter as they grow up. Adults can similarly be controlled and distracted from realising they’re being exploited. The 2016 UK/EU referendum is an example of such manipulation.

The superficial case for leaving is essentially political, concerned with who’s to be in charge regarding crucial decision-making. This represents a combination of ‘go for it’ bravado and a nostalgic, regressive attitude of attachment to the past, revealing a mentality of old style male dominance within an elite of ‘big fish in a little (national) pond’.

The superficial official case for remaining in is mainly based on economics, ie selfish fear-and-greed money ‘games’, with a few dire warnings about war and peace and ‘security’ added on to stoke up some extra fear. However, after some reading between the lines and some decoding of the jargon, the unspoken agenda here appears more like a relentless push towards a conglomerate European superstate.

This would be a significant step in the direction of humanity eventually being divided up into just a few such superstates, eventually to be ruled over by a single world government, a self-selecting elite which would itself amount to some kind of neo-feudal, fascist dictatorship. The forces behind this global governance push are referred to later in this piece.

So, the government of the day, regardless of normal party politics and the divisions such a referendum exposes, is obliged to support the ‘remain’ campaign if it wants to stay in office for a while longer.      

Both ‘sides’ are clearly appealing to people’s petty, childlike self-interest, whether as individuals or ‘us versus them’ patriotism. And meanwhile, the power of nation states is being diminished through the promoting of divisive inter-national trade agreements such as TTIP and TTP. However, the high proportion of ‘undecided’ voters appears to reflect how unconvinced so many people are by the arguments of both ‘sides’ of this phony debate.

Beneath that outer superficial layer, another layer is revealed, at which nation states, transnational commercial corporations and other organisations are all competing against one another.

Layer 2  Nation states = protection rackets

First, the nation state is essentially an elaborate protection racket whose ruling elite – not to be confused with its powerless elected ‘government’ politicians – is essentially the dominant gang in that society. So, the state collects taxes as its protection money while providing just enough ‘welfare’ to prevent public discontent becoming revolutionary.

Nation states are expressions of humanity’s masculine aspect, ie the universal masculine principle (see Layer 5), which is not to be confused with individual male gender. These states mutually need each other out there as rivals, competitors or enemies in order for each’s leadership to justify its own privileged position as protector. However, today the key to overall domination and control at this level is money and who controls it.

That’s because virtually all nation states are inescapably tied into the one global money system. This is a situation into which they’ve been cleverly enticed so that they’d end up irretrievably in debt – which they have done –  to the world’s ultimate creditor, the monopoly supplier of the world’s money, the global financial syndicate symbolically named Mama SCAB (see Layer 3).

Sovereignty is one of the words frequently bandied about in the Brexit debate. However, there is no sovereignty any more because it has long been surrendered to this financial syndicate. So, whenever it’s reported officially or in the news that America, the UK or some other country is doing or not doing this or that, it actually means their controllers, ie their creditors, have either ordered or OK’d it.

Looking beneath that layer, what characterises the normally hidden world in which the subtle power of money is being so successfully wielded?

Layer 3  Strictly taboo: Mama SCAB and her worldwide web of debt

Mama SCAB is a symbolic name for the private moneylending business, ie the global Syndicate of Central and Arch-Banks, which comprises all the central banks around the world plus the IMF, World Bank and BIS. It started out as a small German Jewish moneylending business, and it’s now the unmentionable ‘elephant in the room’.

It’s a relic of a now departing dark era in human history*, and it’s poisoning all aspects of life on Earth. As a consequence, the dependency of nation states on fixes of SCAB‘s ‘debt money’ has now become normalised. But this subtle form of manipulation on a global scale is obscured in the financial jargon of the SCAB-controlled news media.

The story is that over centuries SCAB has deviously acquired the exclusive worldwide monopoly right to conjure up out of nothing this imaginary stuff called money wherever and whenever it chooses, and then lend it out out at interest to governments and other financial organisations. This is essentially what ‘debt money’ means. It’s also known as fiat money, which means that it’s not backed up by any reserves of gold or silver.

Meanwhile, most people today couldn’t conceive of a world without ‘money concerns’ overshadowing their lives. Yet they still don’t understand how the grand deception works and how it originated. So, the more deeply they’re convinced each day that money is essential to their lives on Earth – like air and water – the more addicted to and dependent on Mama SCAB‘s ‘debt money’ they become. And SCAB makes sure that this state of affairs continues.

The fact is that it’s all a huge confidence trick, and one that the ruling elites of nation states prefer to cover up out of shame at their own impotence. So, it suits both SCAB and all nation states to keep it veiled.

There’s also a religious dimension – as there is to most current world problems. And this concerns three especially troubled undercurrents affecting all world affairs: ie the competing ambitions of certain Jews, Muslims and Christians. (See Notes from the Threshold*)

However, once the layers have been identified and penetrated, a long term agenda is revealed. SCAB is the financial arm of those Zionist nationalists whose aim is Israeli global supremacy – a target to be achieved through manipulating the world’s money supply so that just about everyone ends up in debt to and under the control of Mama SCAB.

This is the key factor behind the ever-increasing ‘shortages of money‘ being experienced everywhere by all who are not in league with or favoured by Mama SCAB. The background to understanding this surreal situation of periodic booms and busts, orchestrated by SCAB, is outlined in Notes from the Threshold*.

[Recently, crypto-currency enthusiasts have been optimistically promoting the idea of a new, transparent and mathematically ‘pure’ world money system to replace the old and irreparably corrupted one. But this idea hasn’t yet evolved sufficiently to offer a realistic alternative.]

So, in order to overcome the SCAB problem, we need to remove that layer and discover what hidden factors are at work beneath it. Meanwhile, here’s a sketch of SCAB‘s worldwide web of debt.

Mama SCAB’s Web of Debt

SCAB: Syndicate of Central and Arch-Banks

A private global business with exclusive monopoly control of the world’s money supply.

It’s arch-banks are the IMF, World Bank and BIS.

Web distort1

Looking at those first three layers is useful. However, it’s possible to probe much further and deeper.

Layer 4 Papa State and Mama SCAB

These symbolic name-labels actually represent a harsh reality. Mama SCAB and Papa State are jointly in the business of mass deception and are mutually interdependent. Symbolically, Papa State represents the typical nation state’s ruling elite, running its state protection racket. But this requires a continuous injection of Mama SCAB‘s money just to keep their joint show in business, for she needs the protection and authority that Papa State can still provide.

So, their’s is a loveless marriage of convenience, and their petty rivalry and mutual sniping can be detected in all areas of interaction between (a) Mama‘s people in the financial/ commercial business sectors and (b) Papa‘s people in the realm of state officialdom and institutions. The hostility continuously ripples, in various forms, through all areas and levels of politics, finance, economics and religion. It also accounts for the main schisms and ‘splits’ which politicians have to try inelegantly to straddle.

The two figures can be seen as representing the ‘darker’ aspect of humanity’s universal masculine and universal feminine principles… from a dark era in cosmic evolution. (See Notes from the Threshold*)

And beneath that layer, yet closer to the core, is a clue to the nature of that era…

Layer 5 The cosmic time factor

Mama SCAB and Papa State are relics of a departing cosmic era of descent into matter, now being superceded by a polar opposite ascent out of matter era. These phases of cosmic evolution are explained in a simple, straightforward way in Notes from the Threshold*.

Briefly, first came the descent (or condensation) of primal consciousness into dense physical matter. In that phase, as the cosmos contracts, gravity prevails, and the universal, contracting, focusing, penetrating, masculine principle overpowers the expansive, radiating, receptive, accommodating, manipulative, feminine principle.

In the ascent out of matter phase, the process is reversed, as expansion, levity and the universal feminine principle begin to prevail. [Levity is the complementary polar opposite cosmic force to gravity, each one meaningless without the other, like light and dark.]

The descent era, by its very nature a contracting, masculine-dominated evolutionary phase, produced many separate, competing nation states. And in that unbalanced context, humanity’s compromised feminine aspect – through a German Jewish family business in moneylending, known as Rothschildgave birth to a single, global, banking syndicate, SCAB, which proceeded to weave a worldwide web of debt. And as the world’s ultimate creditor, it has been able to cleverly play off the many nation states against one another and thereby control them.

One aspect of this general strategy is the way SCAB ‘hedges’ its bets by financing both sides in wars and political elections. In the Brexit referendum, as usual SCAB will win either way. But it has a preference for the Remain side, because this could hasten the coming of a world of just a few controllable superstates.

In the UK in April 2016, the visiting US President did what he’d been ordered to do by his controllers, as is normal for presidents: he pushed for the UK to remain in the EU. Why? Because humankind divided into just a few manageable conglomerate superstates is part of the long term ‘supremacy’ strategy of the financial Zionist Jews, one distorted strand of humanity’s descent era feminine aspect. For, in the bigger picture, this is all part of the  rebalancing of humanity’s masculine and feminine ‘sides’ towards a natural and eventual equilibrium state… that is, until both of those descent era elements fade away and the new characteristics of the ascent era begin to predominate.

So, we now have a consistent way of detecting certain simple patterns and the overall coherence within any situation, however complex or incoherent it may at first seem. Such an all-inclusive understanding is always possible from the Threshold perspective. Which suggests some even deeper layers. But that would take us into the realm of esoteric thinking, which is beyond the scope of this piece.  So now, back to the UK/EU dilemma.

Conclusion What other options are there, apart from ‘in or out’?

A radical alternative approach is needed. The quiet power of the Threshold perspective could bring a fresh and new yet timeless way of thinking coherently about the situation, and could lead to a very different and more favourable outcome. However, it would necessarily involve adopting a whole new ‘human values’ system, based on a practical understanding of real human need and a determination to rebalance deficiency and excess worldwide in relation to such need.

This will not be a welcome prospect for those who think of themselves as ‘winning’ or at least ‘doing OK’ under the current status quo. But presently, life on Earth is deteriorating rapidly while under the toxic spell of Mama SCAB, who’s still manipulating world affairs through a worldwide web of debt.

And although, ultimately, there’s little or nothing to be gained from blaming or vengeance-seeking, that’s no reason to ignore where responsibility lies for much of the suffering on Earth right now. Nor should it distract attention from the universal human obligation to meet real ongoing human needs. For the very existence of deprived and hungry populations means increasing trouble to come for all humankind.

The Threshold perspective and One Humanity alternative                               

So, there’s now a clear, practical, open-ended challenge for humanity:                                          If the old ways are not working, what kind of world do we collectively need and want instead?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  And how do we start to create such a world, both for ourselves and for the generations who’ll follow us?                                                                                                                    Which implies the further question: What do we first need to abandon in order to move on?

From the Threshold perspective, it’s clear that for humankind to flourish and find fulfilment in our lives, we need to progress beyond our collective adolescence and our childish dependence on Mama and Papa figures. That means we don’t need protection racket, enemy-seeking nation states or a global banking syndicate of financial confidence tricksters. And we can meet all real human needs without greed-and-fear-driven commercial set-ups.

Nor do we need divisive, supremacy-preaching religious organisations which prey on humankind’s fears, longings and fantasies. And we certainly don’t need any secretive societies and alliances of global governance fanatics, driven by pathological power-lusting ambitions.

What could emerge from all this is a new and evolving global network of autonomous, practical, pioneer communities, able and willing to reawaken that elusive human quality called trust – each adapting to local conditions while all are committed to certain agreed guiding principles.

And in order to satisfy the worldwide human longing for justice and fairness, such a set-up would eventually have to be applicable to all humankind – which, as stated earlier, may not at first be a welcome prospect for some. Consequently, it will not be a quick, election-winning fix.

What would also help would be an express commitment from all who support that idea to cooperate in whatever ways they can in starting to eliminate all real human need. This would constitute a powerful statement of intent, and not be just an impotent protest or gesture, such as handing over some cash in the name of ‘charity’. All of which involves thinking in ways far beyond the narrow, shallow mentality constricting the fake Brexit debate and referendum, which is clearly an irrelevant distraction from much more significant issues.

Many voices today are crying out for radically new ways of thinking and living on this Earth. With that in mind, the inspired One Humanity (OH) vision, as a practical, do-able, long term project for our times, is offered in Notes from the Threshold*.

* Notes from the Threshold is a free downloadable PDF from www.pathwayinitiatives.co.uk

See also various articles in the blog https://clearsthepath.wordpress.com


After the Paris Attacks 13.11.1 5

What makes human beings do these things?

From the Threshold perspective, a coherent pattern and purpose can always be found, however complicated and/or random a situation may superficially appear to be. So, assuming the Paris attacks on 13.11.15 were the work of IS (Islamic State), what layers of significant factors behind the immediate horror and pain can be uncovered?

And will an examination of these layers reveal a pattern and logic more useful for understanding what’s going on than all the primitive, partisan, ‘us versus them’ rhetoric and propaganda currently being pumped out 24/7 by the world’s news media? For ultimately, blaming and vengeance are immature, reflexive, counterproductive responses that only perpetuate situations of mutually destructive conflict and suffering. Of course, such outcomes may well suit the self-serving purposes of some leaderships.

Humankind as a whole, under the present world status quo, is obviously in deep trouble. So, if we want to comprehend what’s going on behind and beyond the grisly details and frantic reacting, we need to think outside of the news media mindboxes with which we’ve all been fitted.

For the news media corporations, along with the news agencies which feed them their round-the-clock selections of events and opinions, are all controlled by organisations which have their own partisan interests in stoking up conflict around the world. And that may be for financial gain or in pursuit of some fantasy agenda of global supremacy or in seeking some kind of vengeance. Whichever it is, the general aim is to at least maintain the current status quo of wealth, authority and privilege enjoyed by existing ruling elites around the world.

‘How, in the 21st century, do young men become dedicated killers and torturers?’

This is the title of an article in the blog https://clearsthepath.wordpress.com, which starts out with the following approach to the subject.

Consider the state of mind and body of vigorous young men, fired up with a potent mix of:

(a) testosterone-driven sexual urges throbbing away within a tradition-bound culture of male dominance and the general suppression of sexuality and sexual fulfilment.

The result is widespread frustration and a deep discontent due to the enforced bottling up of this seething unreleased energy. And that problem is compounded by a lack of opportunity for balanced, intimate relationships with females, and the resulting pent-up emotions and inhibitions.

Such deprivation also tends to result in chronic muscular tension, and a callous lack of sensitivity to other people’s feelings.

(b) a natural youthful, passionate idealism and a hunger for some meaningful inspiration in this life, even extending in some to a willingness for self-sacrifice and martyrdom… and all being firmly guided towards an empowering, shared sense of righteousness and mission which can then be militarised. For this attitude can easily be justified when set in the context of a world of blatant Western decadence, greed, corruption, depravity and hypocrisy, with those being targeted broadly labelled as ‘infidels’.

Also, these potential recruits find the idea of dedicating themselves to ‘sacred’ work more appealing than the promise of material and financial rewards. And the ideology of a focused, unified cause seems more inspiring than any pleas for moderation and compromise from their own disunited cultures, long fragmented into rival, competing factions.

This is where the challenge of creating counter-narratives to the IS message arises, and of how to present them to young minds more effectively than the IS recruiters’ enticing combination of the intimately personal and the idealistically global bid for glory. For in the internet age, young people, male and female, are more attuned to active ‘horizontal’ communicating with their peers around the world than to the passive ‘vertical’ mode of being talked down to in uninspiring ways. So, any artificially contrived counter-narrative is likely to be perceived as a shallow and insincere gesture… and will be rejected or ignored.

A further source of anger and frustration, especially for young Muslim males, would be the unacceptable feeling of impotence at their inability to directly attack the arch-enemy, the apparently invincible Jewish State of Israel. For they know that it’s being protected by an unlimited supply of corrupt money power, as it pursues its own rival long-term agenda of global supremacy, as set out way back in biblical times, for example in Deuteronomy, Ch 2.

Nation states = protection rackets = humanity’s ‘dark era’ masculine aspect

The aim of IS appears to be to conquer, forcibly convert to Islam and rule over all other nations worldwide, through establishing a global Islamic state, a caliphate. However, this clear and seemingly simple, medieval ambition bears a striking resemblance to the even older Jewish ambition for an exclusively Jewish homeland, today known as Zionism.

At this level of thinking, it can be appreciated how each nation state represents a fragment of humanity’s collective masculine aspect – something not to be confused with the physical gender of individual males and females, each of whom is a unique combination of the universal masculine and feminine principles.

So, although their styles are very different – one more masculine, one more feminine – both offer a simple, clear, direct and ‘spiritually’ justified message. And such messages are more likely to appeal to young, idealistic, potential followers than the muddled, confusing and less attractive prospects on offer in Westernised, multi-choice, consumer ‘democracies’.

For all nation states are essentially territorial protection rackets in which the racketeers, ie the ruling elite gang, forcibly collect taxes as their protection money and provide just enough ‘welfare’ to prevent public discontent becoming a revolutionary threat to their dominant position.

It therefore follows that the primary function of state institutions, including the police and the armed, civil and secret services, is not to protect citizens but to defend and maintain the authority, wealth and privileges of the ruling elite and their hierarchy of dependents.

Which contrasts sharply with the common fantasy image of the State as the benevolent, paternal guardian and provider to its loyal subjects.

Territoriality, meanwhile, can be recognised as a trait of primitive humankind and animals, which, in the globalised, high-tech, interconnected world of the 21st century, is resulting in major geopolitical and commercial conflict, suffering and ecological damage. For ultimately, no groups or individuals have any exclusive ‘divine rights’ over any parts of this planet, whatever historical, traditional, ‘official’ or biblical claims they may make and then justify with ‘laws’ they may ‘pass’ and try to enforce.

Money manipulation and central banking: humanity’s darker feminine aspect

Counterbalancing the predominantly masculine power of the nation state has been the growth of the predominantly feminine, global, profit-driven financial business, symbolically named Mama SCAB, the Syndicate of Central and Arch –Banks (the arch-banks being the IMF, World Bank and BIS). SCAB is the financial arm of the global Zionist/Jewish movement, which is ruthlessly pursuing a global supremacist agenda, as explicitly set out back in tribal, Old Testament times.

So, here we have two polar opposite, extremist factions within the one human species:

(a) the worldwide, subtle, behind-the-scenes control SCAB has acquired through its exclusive legalised ‘right’ to manipulate the world’s money supply, and

(b) the extreme, gross violence and ambition of IS.

Also, both, in this long-running three-way Middle Eastern conflict, seem to treat the ambivalent, compromised and confused, ‘Christian’ Westernised world with contempt. And this they demonstrate, each in their own distinctive way, by continuing to pursue tribal/medieval territorial ambitions, regardless of whatever inter-national ‘rules’ the UN may set in acting on behalf of the world’s nation states.

Cosmic transition, earthly turbulence

Viewing this world from a yet higher level, it becomes clear that the universal masculine and feminine principles are locked in conflict at this transitional phase of cosmic evolution. All of which is explained in simple straightforward language in Notes from the Threshold*.

Government politicians just about everywhere can then be clearly seen as powerless puppets who have no choice but to make it their priority to implement the agenda of their sponsors, the hidden ruling elites on whom their reputations and career prospects depend.

Consequently, politicians continuously try to straddle the polar opposite pulls of humanity’s masculine/state/political tendency against its feminine/financial/economic tendency, as is evident from reading between the lines of the so-called ‘news’. An obvious example would be State prosecutors trying to penalise a commercial corporation for some transgression.

Today, one very evident result of this ongoing transition is the increasing desperation of certain groups of males all over the world, as they try to retain their ‘traditional’ status of dominance over females. But they are now swimming against the unstoppable tide of cosmic change, even though some females feel moved to support this increasingly violent resistance.

As a consequence, humanity is now experiencing the shock and horror of numerous displays of extreme violence. Which raises the inevitable question, ‘Where do we go from here?’

The only viable solution: transcend old divisions and reunify

If we don’t ask searching questions – of ourselves and others – we don’t find out much of any real value in this life. And, in the immediate aftermath of the Paris attacks, such seems to be the case with the tightly controlled mass media, State and commercial. Despite wall-to-wall coverage, the content seems to be virtually all reaction – mostly in terms of ‘us versus them’, whether angry or reflective – and no coherent comprehension of the bigger picture context.

Which can be seen to conform closely with the Zionists’ subtle strategy of setting its enemies, ie the rest of humankind, against one another in hostile, fear-driven, mutually destructive conflict. This would then leave Israel as the supreme controlling world power – as proposed in Deuteronomy and elsewhere. And the basic formula for such mass mind control is ‘ignorance, fear, divide and rule’.

In practice that works out as, first, demoralise the people to be controlled, then manoeuvre them into a stressful crisis mentality. Thirdly, normalise that situation so that they’ll willingly submit, out of relief, to being ‘saved’ under the guise of some simple sounding solution.

From that thought the further question arises as to whether the extreme apocalyptic visions that have been cleverly fed into both IS and certain Christian sects are actually elements of yet another devious Zionist propaganda trick in this futile three-way battle for supremacy.

So, what next?

Here are two challenging questions for humankind, which appears to be collectively sleepwalking, in a nightmare of fear and anxiety, towards ever greater trouble and suffering:

(1) How extreme does the IS merciless violence and domination have to become?

(2) How extreme does the counterbalancing Zionist deviousness, ruthless manipulation through money trickery, bribery and blackmailing, and the stifling of the Palestinian people have to become? …in order for humankind to wake up and realise how easily we’re being misled, and where we’re thus heading?

For it’s clear which way cosmic evolution is heading. It’s shifting towards an era of ascent out of matter in which the universal feminine principle takes precedence over the masculine in all beings, female and male. Which implies the inevitable demise, in this globalised world, of all redundant, descent era institutions, including nation states, the global, profiteering, ‘debt money’ banking system and all divisive, supremacy-preaching religions.

So, a whole new working balance, based on radically different assumptions and principles, is required, and will have to be carefully designed to harmonise with the ongoing process of cosmic change. And that involves transcending the tangled and deadlocked mess in which fragmented, divided and ruled humankind presently finds itself trapped. Which implies that much healing work needs to be done on ourselves as individuals in order for this to become possible – work such as rediscovering how to foster that elusive quality in human relationships known as trust, while not getting bogged down in blame games and vengeance.

A practical and inspiring vision of a way out of the current troubles and into creating, over the next few generations, a more balanced, sane and healthy world for all humankind is offered in the One Humanity (OH) section of Notes from the Threshold.

* Notes from the Threshold – a free PDF download from www.pathwayinitiatives.co.uk that’s neither religious nor political, but does include various familiar examples as evidence of what’s going on, otherwise largely unreported and unconnected, at different levels of this world.

Blog including various articles: https://clearsthepath.wordpress.com

Migration: It’s payback time, folks

Why is migration from Poorland to Richland increasing,

despite all the risks?

(Excerpt from Notes from the Threshold, a free PDF from http://www.pathwayinitiatives.co.uk)

There is a glaringly obvious answer to that question, once we start thinking outside the mind-box, that is, beyond the mental programming our particular culture installed in us before we were old enough to realise what was going on. However, since making that mental shift is not encouraged in most contemporary cultures, inertia has prevailed, resulting in much prejudiced, unquestioning, narrow, compromised thinking.

Also, all political leaderships involved in the current migration crisis, in order to divert attention away from their own failures as humans with special responsibilities, focus only on the numbers of migrants here or there or on the move… while criticising one another, building fences and closing borders. That is to say, it’s all ground level, reactive thinking, with little or no overview, insight or wisdom apparent.

So, the already suffering human beings labelled as ‘migrants’ are reduced to numbers of disposable, expendable ‘chips’ in a callous inter-national rivalry game in which each nation tries to dump the problem somewhere else, rather than think it through to a logical solution that would benefit all humanity.

From the Threshold perspective, a rational, practical solution to the world’s fast-growing migration ‘problem’ is possible, once a small but significant proportion of the one human species begins thinking and behaving as mature, balanced adults – instead of passively allowing itself to be divided and ruled, herded like children or cattle into various rival, competing ‘teams’, whether religious, national, local, ethnic or rich/poor etc. So, how to approach this ‘problem’?

The bigger picture

Instead of focusing obsessively and emotionally on the details, ie the numbers, categories and destinations of those human beings on the move (the migrants), it is possible to comprehend the whole process in a simple scientific way. For it’s essentially about gravitation, ie what naturally gravitates towards what, both in the organic and inorganic realms.

The ongoing transition from a cosmic era of descent into matter to one of ascent out of matter is resulting in an increasing fluidity and dissolving of previously rigid barriers, dividing walls, attitudes, habits, traditions and institutions. The shift is also evidenced in the changing balance of influence in the world away from the predominance of the universal masculine principle and towards the feminine. That major change is discussed elsewhere in this work.

In this context, aided by various fast-evolving technologies, the free flow of people, goods and ideas around the planet continues to accelerate. Then there’s the universal tendency in the cosmos towards an equilibrium state between the polar opposite forces of expansion and contraction, ie levity and gravity. And all the while, the universal force of gravity causes less dense objects to be drawn towards centres of greater density.

Therefore, scattered iron filings are drawn towards the organised density of a magnet. And living creatures that are deficient in what they need for a basic, natural, productive life, naturally gravitate towards places where they can satisfy their needs. This is natural migration.

So, given the present extreme imbalances in standards of living across the world, the overall flow in this major re-balancing is bound to increase, despite a few temporary fences being erected here and there. So, how to resolve this problem?

For a start, the motivation of those human beings labelled as ‘migrants’ to emigrate in search of a better life – as immigrants somewhere else – will significantly diminish once their pillaged, plundered, polluted and neglected homeland environments begin to be restored into healthy, productive places. Then, as this vitally necessary work becomes a practical priority for the ‘haves’ of the world, the term migrant will no longer be used as a derogatory label.

That will be a clear sign of humanity maturing into more adult ways – thinking globally and acting locally, healing the whole body/mind/planet, rather than vainly trying to eliminate particular recurring symptoms. To heal a sick body that keeps bleeding from certain damaged parts requires more than just some emergency patching up of the ‘leaks’ and some re-injecting of the escaped blood back into the leaking parts.

History tells us

Historically, the growing ‘crisis’ can be seen as a kind of payback time, consequences, karma, chickens coming home to roost etc for those wealthier nations whose ancestors did the plundering and pillaging. And that especially applies to Western Europe and later North America, whose populations have been living off the stolen wealth ever since, although it has not been distributed in equitable ways. So now, many of the deprived victims are coming to reclaim their share of the benefits.

Meanwhile, blaming people traffickers as convenient scapegoats or blaming abstract notions such as ‘wars’ or ‘poverty’, as politicians and others currently do, is little more than a hypocritical cop-out. For if the basic problems were being addressed, there would be no people trafficking business.

Blaming, in this case, is just a child-like attempt to avoid taking responsibility for the plight of the many human beings around the world forced to live in dire deficiency. Such evasion reveals the compromised mentality of the many divided-and-ruled ‘haves’ worldwide who are as yet unable or unwilling to think beyond their own immediate comfort and fears.

Who’s manipulating the forces?

All of these factors together emphasise the need to understand how a small, ruthlessly selfish minority of humans are continuing to manipulate, control and exploit the rest of humankind for their own pathological partisan purposes – financial and biblical. Which raises the possibility of humankind being steered into a round of self-destructive warring… given that the aim of certain supremacy zealots for global governance includes reducing significantly the number of humans on Earth.

The solution, therefore, lies in humanity realising that it’s time to abandon those divisive descent era institutions, the nation state and all supremacy-preaching religions, while simultaneously abandoning the toxic SCAB ‘debt money’ scam. This direction of practical, effective planning is covered in the One Humanity chapter of this work.

Thus the Threshold perspective offers a clear, simple-in-principle and empowering way to ‘read’ and address the current migration ‘problem’ – which is at root not a migration problem at all. The potential this offers contrasts with the weak and hopelessly confused mentality presently prevailing among all who are trapped in the old descent era mindset.

So, conscious choices about how to proceed towards a long term resolution can now be made by all who are prepared to take on the challenge as mature adult human beings.

The One Humanity chapter in Notes from the Threshold offers a practical vision of how humankind could evolve and  progress naturally beyond its current troubles and limitations.

Notes from the Threshold is available as a PDF free to download from www.pathwayinitiatives.co.uk






Greek Drama 2015 – a Whole New Perspective


In Greece on 26th January 2015, the political party Syriza, having just won a general election, formed a coalition government with a small minority party. Syriza had campaigned on a broadly socialist agenda, in sharp contrast to the previous elected Greek governments whose agendas promoted selfish greed-and-fear-driven capitalism.

The new government’s mission was to end the five years of ‘austerity’ that had been imposed upon the population after the Greek national debt had spiralled out of control. The debt had become mathematically unredeemable, given that the Greek state was incapable of raising enough income even to pay off the interest annually accruing. So, it had to keep borrowing yet more just to stay afloat.

Thus the 2010 bail-out. But that came with Greece’s main creditors making increasingly stringent demands on how the country’s finances were now to be managed. The main and ultimate creditor was and is the privately owned global financial syndicate, referred to here as SCAB, the syndicate of central and arch-banks. This comprises all central banks worldwide and thus includes the Bank of Greece, ie the Greek central bank, and the ECB, the European Central Bank. SCAB’s arch-banks are the IMF, World Bank and BIS, the central bank of the central banks. Over centuries this syndicate has evolved, gradually gaining monopoly control of the world’s money supply and thereby becoming the world’s ultimate moneylender and creditor.

Why has there been no real negotiating – only arm-twisting, accusations and insults?

That’s because there are at least three different perspectives involved, each driven by a different motivation.

1. The political ‘us-versus-them’ mentality of the EU and particularly the German government, telling Greece to ‘play the game’ according to the agreed official rules. In this game, ‘losing face’ is to be avoided at all costs.

2. The financial/economic mentality of the SCAB institutions, which are essentially demanding “Pay up, or else!”. However, SCAB will do whatever it takes to keep the money game going by preventing the whole system collapsing. Otherwise its whole raison d’etre would evaporate.

3. The human/social/practical plea of the new Greek government which is essentially saying “Can’t pay and won’t pay without some extra help.”

So, given the crippled, distorted way our dysfunctional world presently works, each party in this situation speaks from within its own culture’s mindbox, each of which has its own set of assumptions, attitudes, values and terms. Thus the lack of any meaningful discussion. The so-called troika is itself divided into, on one side two branches of SCAB, and on the other the EU which is supposed to represent twenty eight diverse nation states, each of which has its own unspoken ulterior motives. So they all speak in the coded language of a game of bluff.

One farcical aspect of the unfolding Greek tragedy, therefore, is that one branch of SCAB, namely the ECB, has been lending money to Greece in order for it to survive financially while trying to pay off part of its debt to another branch of SCAB, the IMF. Yet none of the players involved in the action – including all politicians and media experts – are allowed to even mention this crucial but unspoken anomaly. Why not? For individuals, the reason would seem to be mainly career fear. As for SCAB, the various nation states’ representatives and the media corporations, they’d prefer the world not to be aware of how their complicity in this shameful charade is being concealed in order to maintain the current overall status quo of wealth, authority and privilege.

Meanwhile, amidst all the phoney financial and political posturing, only the new Greek finance minister has openly acknowledged the fact that the Greek state is actually insolvent – as are most other nation states. This means that if the whole, fragile, global financial system were to implode and collapse like an elaborate system of bubbles within bubbles, SCAB would be out of business. That’s why it has always been ready to conjure up more imaginary money out of nothing to keep the game going, ie to maintain the status quo. The latest electronic version of this ‘printing money’ manoeuvre is known as QE, quantitative easing.

It was during the last worldwide ‘easy money’ phase, engineered by SCAB, that tax avoidance and evasion became ever more deeply embedded in the culture of Greek society. As a consequence, state and private debt increased rapidly – that is, until SCAB judged that it was, in its own best interests, time to contrive a severe contraction in the world economy in 2007.

In this context, the shared policy of Syriza and its coalition partner was to renegotiate the terms for the repayment of Greece’s debts, and thereby end the suffering and humiliation brought on by the enforced austerity regime. The fact that the fundamental attitudes of the two parties regarding most other issues were very different didn’t seem significant at that moment.

How did it come to this?

Back in 2001 Greece had become a member of the Eurozone, a currency union of European nation states which shared a single currency, the euro. However, it was obvious to many even then that Greece had qualified for membership only through some significant deception and cheating and some official Eurozone complicity regarding Greece’s financial situation.

Aware of all that, various experts had predicted that the move was doomed to fail, that Greece would end up drowning in debt, and sooner or later would have to leave the Eurozone. However, at that time, such doubts were discounted by the EU decision-makers. Their reasoning seemed to amount to a political determination to expand the Eurozone as rapidly as possible, regardless of such risks. Why so is a whole other story.

The Threshold perspective brings coherence

In this work, a clear perspective on the whole murky situation is gained by detecting the underlying coherence concealed beneath an apparently incoherent tangled mess. The first requirement is to gain as broad an overview of the whole situation as possible in order to see it in its greater context. The next move is to combine this view with some penetrating insight into the minds and motives of those most intimately involved.

That combination of overview and insight is the essence of the quietly powerful Threshold perspective, which does require a temporary abandoning of one’s normal, pre-programmed assumptions about whatever is under consideration.

So, what was really going on?

Since the switch from a harsh masculine military dictatorship (1967-74) to a more indulgent and feminine, ‘democratic-capitalistic set-up, the people of Greece have been enticed and tempted with ‘easy money’, ie readily available credit. As a consequence, corruption has continued to flourish, along with the non-payment of taxes – money which could be helping to finance the diminishing range of social services and welfare benefits being provided.

So, stepping back to view it in its wider context, what characterises the ethos of this unwholesome scenario?

Context 1. ‘Dog eats dog’ and ‘competitive team games’

These are two obvious signs that the old, tried and tested, ‘divide and rule’ method of keeping a population submissive is being exploited by an unseen ruling elite – not to be confused with the token, ornamental, elected ‘government’. Consequently, the majority of individuals in Greece have found themselves set against one another as rivals in a daily struggle just to keep going.

Within the Eurozone arena, ‘the Greek people’ collectively find themselves set against the so-called troika: the EU, the European Central Bank and the IMF, the latter two both being major branches of SCAB. The ‘Greek people’ are also being artificially set against ‘the German people’ who, within this political make-believe ‘us versus them’ game, are said to collectively resent having to pay now for the economic failures of past Greek governments and the self-indulgence of the Greeks in general.

However, the people of Greece – just as in Germany and elsewhere – are not a single uniform entity, to be lumped together as if all of one mind and attitude, as certain crass political and media mouths continue to insinuate. The people of Greece are being divided and ruled, deceived and disempowered, and have been growing increasingly angry and desperate to find a way out of their current entrapment.

Thus the population of Greece as a whole can be seen in this situation as more or less a microcosm of contemporary humanity. And so, typically, the distribution of wealth varies from the excessive riches of a small minority to the deepening poverty of the mass majority.

Worldwide, the educationally deprived masses of humanity continue to be herded into rival ‘teams’ – national, religious, ethnic etc, to which they’re programmed to remain loyal, despite the injustices, pain and damage to others this may cause, directly or indirectly.

For the significant factor here is that humanity in general is being kept fragmented through the resulting tangle of competing loyalties to which they’re committed, a tangle which renders them politically impotent and thus subservient to their existing ruling elites. It’s how adult authority figures take advantage of the naturally competitive striving of young children to establish their places in various pecking orders. However, most individuals, having passed through childhood, are capable of at least realising that they’re being divided and ruled, once this fact is clearly demonstrated. How they then respond is another question altogether.

Removing the backdrop to that scenario opens up a broader perspective that reveals the context within which nation states, transnational corporations and other organisations are all competing against one another.

Context 2. Sovereign nation states? Not any more

Greece is, supposedly, what’s called a ‘sovereign nation state’, one amongst the many into which humankind is currently divided. So, before proceeding further, it’s necessary to realise that the nation state is essentially an elaborate protection racket whose ruling elite – not to be confused with elected politicians – is essentially the dominant gang in that society. And, as such, states collect taxes as their protection money, while providing just enough ‘welfare’ to offset public discontent and prevent it becoming revolutionary.

It’s also necessary to realise that these state set-ups mutually need each other to be there as competitors or enemies, in order to justify their own privileged leadership positions. However, the key to overall domination at this level is money and who controls it.

For all nation states – along with the rest of humanity – are inescapably tied into the one global money system. And that’s because they’ve been cleverly manoeuvred into ending up irretrievably in debt to the ultimate creditor, the monopoly supplier of the world’s money, SCAB or Mama SCAB, as described in Notes from the Threshold*. Consequently, their former sovereignty has largely been surrendered to SCAB & Co.

So, zooming out further, what can be seen to characterise the yet wider context in which SCAB‘s subtle, more feminine kind of power is being so successfully wielded?

Context 3. Strictly taboo: Mama SCAB and her worldwide web of debt

Mama SCAB is a symbolic name for a global organisation that’s poisoning all areas of life on Earth. It’s also a taboo subject in the mass media and in formal education systems. And that ban continues to conceal the fact that most of humanity, one way or another, is addicted to and dependent on the imaginary money SCAB is allowed to conjure up out of nothing and then lend out at interest to nation states and commercial banks.

The resulting pathetic dependency of nation states on ‘fixes’ of SCAB‘s ‘debt money’ has now become normalised and obscured in financial jargon. Meanwhile, most people today couldn’t conceive of a world without ‘money concerns’ overshadowing their lives. Yet they don’t understand how the grand deception works and how this situation came to be.

For it’s all a huge confidence trick, and one which the ruling elites of nation states prefer to cover up rather than shamefully have to acknowledge. Which is why it suits both SCAB and all nation states to keep it a strictly taboo subject in the mass media they control. There’s also a religious dimension to this situation, as there is to most current world problems. And much of this concerns three particularly troubled undercurrents: ie the competing ambitions of certain Jews, Muslims and Christians. (See Notes from the Threshold*)

But once the relevant dots have been joined up and all money troubles have been traced back to source, SCAB’s long term agenda reveals itself ever more clearly – as a means to global control through manipulation of the world’s money supply, resulting in ever-increasing universal indebtedness to SCAB. The more deeply people are convinced that money is essential to their lives on Earth – like air and water – the more dependant on and subservient to SCAB they become.

Mama SCAB’s Web of Debt

SCAB: Syndicate of Central and Arch-Banks

a private set-up that controls the world’s money supply

Web distort1

This is the key factor behind the ever-increasing so-called ‘shortages of money‘ being experienced by nation states and all who are not in league with or favoured by Mama SCAB… even though limitless amounts of this imaginary ‘fiat money’ can be conjured into existence at any chosen moment. The background to understanding this surreal situation is outlined in Notes from the Threshold*.

Crypto-currencies: saviours or a stopgap on the way to a post-money world?

Recently, crypto-currency enthusiasts have been optimistically promoting the idea of a new, transparent and mathematically ‘pure’ world money system to replace the old and irreparably corrupted one. However, this idea has several serious limitations and hasn’t evolved sufficiently to offer a realistic alternative option for Greece. (See Appendix).

So, in order to overcome the SCAB problem, we need to zoom out further, and view it in its yet greater context.

Context 4. The secret ‘loveless marriage of convenience’

From this higher level perspective on world events, we become aware of the mutually dependent partnership between the ageing Mama SCAB and her fading partner, Papa State, in the business of mass deception. Symbolically, he represents the typical nation state’s ruling elite, running the traditional state protection racket… which itself requires a continuous injection of Mama SCAB‘s money just to keep the whole show, including her, in business.

Their petty rivalry and mutual sniping can be detected in all areas of interaction worldwide between (a) Mama‘s people in the financial/ commercial business sectors, and (b) those serving Papa‘s realm of state officialdom and institutions. As a result, the effects of this conflict continuously ripple through all areas and levels of politics, finance, economics and religion.

Psychologically, the pair can be understood as representing the ‘dark side or aspect’ of humanity’s two polar opposite principles, the universal masculine and universal feminine. These are not the same thing as physical gender, and are to be found uniquely combined in each individual male and female.

A longer view

Mama SCAB and Papa State are relics representing humankind’s distorted state of imbalance and stress due to its passage through the descent into matter era. This is a departing cosmic era which is now being superceded by the qualitatively different, polar opposite era, the ascent out of matter. These phases of cosmic evolution are explained in a simple, straightforward way in Notes from the Threshold*.

Briefly, they are about, first, the descent of universal/cosmic consciousness into the realm of dense physical matter. In that phase, as the cosmos contracts, gravity prevails, and the centripetal, focusing, penetrating, universal, masculine principle overpowers the expansive, receptive, accommodating, feminine principle.

In the ascent out of matter phase, the process is reversed, as expansion, levity and the universal feminine principle begin to prevail. Levity is the complementary polar opposite cosmic force to gravity, each one meaningless without the other, like light and dark. This all-inclusive understanding of cosmic evolution is enabled from the Threshold perspective, which implies an even broader context.

Greece 2015

So, in this brief analysis we’ve touched on the three universal principles which are the basis of the Threshold perspective: (1) consciousness as the ultimate, primary reality, (2) polarity as the dynamic behind all manifestation, and (3) resonance as the working principle that connects and relates all forms, physical and non-physical, in the cosmos. Thus we have a way of detecting the coherence within any situation, however incoherent it may at first seem.

Context 5. The transition from descent to ascent

In the current turbulent phase of cosmic transition, the masculine, contracting, descent era is beginning to be superceded by a more feminine, expansive, ascent era, as evidenced in:

– the ‘expanding universe’, discovered by late 20th century physicists,

– the increasing numbers of women worldwide in positions of prominence, previously the exclusive domain of men,

– the increasing tendency towards more subtle, psychological ‘battles for hearts and minds’ instead of gross, messy, physical wars,

– the desperate, extreme and violent rearguard action of certain groups of males in resisting this development, especially in old, inertia-bound, male-dominated, descent era cultures worldwide,

– the equally extreme and distorted, but more subtle, descent era type of feminine manipulation going on, as epitomised by Mama SCAB‘s worldwide web of debt.

So now, from the transcendent, all-inclusive Threshold perspective, we can zoom back in and focus on Greece in early 2015.

Context 6: Greece in the midst of all this

As the big, subtle cosmic changes work through the inertia and details of the dense physical world, what we find is the population of Greece caught up in the general turbulence and confusion. We see certain ‘global governance’ fanatics trying to exercise an old descent era kind of dominance and authority in promoting a ‘federal Europe’ as a step along that path. But this doesn’t help resolve anything, since the motivation behind it is mainly a combination of selfish greed and a pathological lust for power over other peoples’ lives. Not surprisingly, this has not been well received in Greece.

Further, none of the other various old-style solutions being proposed – whether so-called left wing, right wing, liberal, moderate or extremist – could possibly work out well for the Greek people as a whole. For the deeply divisive and intense discontent already stirred up soon dissipates any potential for mutual empathy and cooperation in contributing to what comes next.

So, the ongoing drama in Greece presently looks destined to play out with the inevitability of a classical tragedy, the seeds of which are already sown. For superficially tinkering about with the existing failed world set-up, through compromises that please no one, can only prolong and worsen the stress and suffering of all concerned. To be overcome, the troubled situation needs to be transcended.

Also, we’ve now identified and traced the main symptoms and causal factors back to humankind’s passage through the era of descent into matter. So, ultimately, there’s nothing to be gained from any mutual blaming or vengeance. However, that doesn’t imply any avoiding of responsibility for what’s being suffered on Earth right now, nor for deciding what action would be best for the wellbeing of humankind as a whole from here onwards.

Conclusion: There is available a sane way to resolve the conundrum for the benefit of humanity as a whole, once we realise that we can think outside of the mindboxes within which we, humanity, find ourselves presently trapped.

So, in summary, first we have a world under the controlling spell of Mama SCAB, through her worldwide web of debt. And now her power has been challenged, rhetorically, by Syriza’s denouncing of the troika. That threesome includes the EU which itself represents twenty-eight European states. But they are each so deeply in debt to SCAB that their governments are obliged to comply with SCAB’s agenda, overriding any supposed political commitment to serving their electorates.

A radical alternative approach would be to harness the quiet power of the Threshold perspective, which would bring a fresh and new yet timeless way of thinking coherently about the situation, and could lead to a very different and more favourable outcome. However, it would necessarily involve adopting a whole new value system, based on a practical understanding of real human need and a determination to rebalance deficiency and excess worldwide in relation to such need.

Also, in order to satisfy the widespread human longing for justice and fairness, it would have to be applicable to all humankind – which will not be a welcome prospect for the minority who think of themselves as ‘winners’ or at least ‘doing OK’ under the present status quo. This will not be a quick, election-winning fix.

So, that leaves a clear, practical, open-ended challenge for humanity: If the old ways are not working, what kind of new world do we collectively need and want? And how do we at least start to create such a world, both for ourselves and for the generations who’ll follow us? Which implies the further question: What do we need to abandon first in order to move on?

Beyond our collective adolescence

From the Threshold perspective, it’s clear that for humankind to flourish and find fulfilment on Earth, we now need to progress beyond our collective adolescence and beyond our childish dependence on Mama and Papa. That means we don’t need protection racket, enemy-seeking nation states, nor greed and fear-driven commercial organisations, large or small, and we don’t need a global banking syndicate of financial confidence tricksters.

Neither do we need divisive, supremacy-preaching religious organisations which prey on humanity’s infantile fears and fantasies. And we certainly don’t need any secretive alliances of global governance fanatics, driven by pathological power-lusting ambitions.

What could emerge from this ongoing Greek drama, is a realisation that what is needed, for a start, is a new and evolving global network of practical, persevering pioneers, able and willing to reawaken that elusive human quality called trust. And what would also help would be an express (online?) commitment from all supportive individuals to cooperate in starting to eliminate all real human need. This would constitute a powerful statement of intent, not a mere protest.

Many voices today are crying out for radically new ways of thinking and living on this Earth.

With that in mind, the inspired One Humanity (OH) vision, as a practical, do-able, long term project for our times, is offered in Notes from the Threshold*.

Notes from the Threshold is a free downloadable PDF from www.pathwayinitiatives.co.uk

See also various articles in the blog https://clearsthepath.wordpress.com

Appendix: Crypto-currencies and their limitations

The inherently obscure, complex, mathematical logic of crypto-currencies makes them seem remote, alien and unappealing to many people. Then there’s the ever present threat of digital and physical sabotage, plus the negative environmental impact of the ever-increasing physical memory storage capacity required by each blockchain.

Also, crypto-currencies don’t inspire any kind of visionary thinking beyond the selfish fear-and-greed mentality of the failed social system known as capitalism. They offer only a more efficient and transparent version. For capitalism itself is effectively now history, following SCAB’s controlling takeover of international finance, and therefore of international politics. So, while the professional media mouths carry on talking their comfort zone capitalist talk, humanity is being shunted towards a SCAB-controlled, neo-feudal, corporate kind of fascism.



© Pathway Initiatives Ltd (England) 2015

CANCER – understood from the Threshold perspective

The first requirement is a broad overview of the pathological condition known as cancer, in order to see it within the bigger picture context of continuously evolving human consciousness. Then there’s the insight to be gained from noting the location in the body where a cancerous growth first occurs. This always gives indications about the life in question, since nothing just happens out of nothing. Which in turn gives clues as to how the condition may be overcome. To keep this summary brief, much simplifying of complex processes will be necessary.

It’s assumed in this work that organisms naturally strive to maintain within themselves an equilibrium state, ie a working balance between the cosmic polar opposite forces of expansion (yin) and contraction (yang), as in inhaling and exhaling, and in the pH balance between acidity and alkalinity. Appreciating this universal dynamic polarity brings insight into all disease conditions, which can thus be seen as resulting from various states of imbalance.

Also, it’s becoming more widely understood how psychological factors can produce all manner of physical symptoms – including arthritis, allergies, thyroid and heart problems. Such factors go much deeper than superficial ‘lifestyle’ patterns. Cancers are always the outcome of an inhibited, distorted natural process – unique to each individual life, but conforming to a broader pattern. They are not random events that just happen to certain unlucky victims.

Some medical minds think only in physical, mechanistic terms, and thereby deny what may be the most significant element in the situation: the sufferer’s state of mind. Consequently, they find they’re unable to predict outcomes and so assume that it must be a random process and about luck.

Long term patterns of inhibition result in parts of the body degenerating into a devitalised state, allowing unregulated cancerous growth to flourish in that unbalanced environment. The causes of the inhibition may date back to a person’s early years before he or she was capable of realising what was happening.

For in an inhibiting culture, certain attitudes and behaviours may have been passed on through generations, such that they became habitual or ‘traditional’, ie normalised, and therefore beyond questioning. So, a significant factor in each cancer ‘story’ is how the life of the person in question has affected the functioning of the particular part of the body where the cancer process first manifests.

Western materialistic medicine
The currently prevailing mindset of orthodox Western medicine has long been dominated by     materialistic, masculine, male-dominated science. And this has focused almost exclusively on the physical-material realm, as if it were somehow more real and significant than the more subtle realm of consciousness, including emotion and thinking which are more to do with our feminine side. The importance of this aspect in wellness and illness is now being increasingly recognised and honoured.

Meanwhile, that old masculine mentality accounts for the continuing crude ‘war on cancer’ approach which treats the condition as an enemy to be defeated and conquered. Today that involves various ‘smart’ techniques for eliminating the more obvious symptoms, for example through launching targeted attacks on specific active components in the overall process. But this doesn’t bring any deeper understanding of the disease process as a whole, and so  provides no coherent strategies for preventing or overcoming the condition – beyond some destructive treatment and perhaps advising a balanced diet and more exercise.

Decay and disintegration
When plants are deprived of the vital solar energy and the water they need, the forces of decay and disintegration tend to move in and take over, naturally re-integrating rotting organic physical matter back into the soil of the earth. In human bodies, a chronic pattern of withdrawal of natural vitality creates particular localised environments of festering stagnation and putrefaction, ie fertile soil for unregulated cancerous growth.

Then, once the process has reached a stage where the symptoms are recognised, they tend to be mentally transformed into an unwelcome invader, to be named and categorised. At that stage the person who’s said to have ‘got’ cancer takes ownership of it, calling it ‘my cancer’.

The polarity of cancer
Investigating what might have caused any particular pattern of withdrawal of natural vitality and the consequent cancer raises crucial questions regarding:
1. How our emotional reactions and states are expressed physically, either in the expansive/radiating ways (the oriental yin principle) that characterise pleasure, or in the contracting/withdrawing (yang) ways that characterise pain, fear, anxiety etc. It’s their complementary interaction that exemplifies the primal dynamic polarity that governs all life processes. For polarity is inclusive, unlike the exclusive binary duality of ‘one or the other’. Also, each bodily organ has a more or less expansive or contractive quality.

2. How the shock or pain of a traumatic experience is absorbed and unconsciously buried or embedded at a particular location in the physical body can be crucial. For there it may remain unnoticed and unreleased for years, all the while inhibiting the flow of energy through the body, depleting vitality and causing otherwise inexplicable trouble in that life. So, despite the danger of oversimplifying this kind of understanding, dots can be joined up and practical connections made between emotional troubles and physical symptoms.

It’s all about consciousness
It follows that there are many potentially pathological effects resulting from pain, wounding, vulnerability, insecurity, anxiety, fear, anger, sadness and discontent, all of which have their long and short term effects on physical functioning. The lack of understanding of these processes is the result of a deep ignorance in humankind, ie the lost knowledge of how we humans have evolved as self-conscious individual beings, and have come to be the way we presently are. The basics of this knowledge have now been made available in Notes from the  Threshold* and other Threshold works published by Pathway Initiatives  Ltd.

Beware of naïve linear cause-and-effect thinking
Susceptibility to cancer is thus primarily about the consciousness of each individual and how this affects our physicality, immunity and self-healing capacity. Therefore, it would be naïvely mistaken to draw simplistic, statistical, cause-and-effect conclusions connecting the presence of particular physical substances or phenomena with the incidence of cancer. Labelling certain substances as ‘carcinogens’ is thus a distracting ‘blame game’ technique that conceals a lack of understanding of the cancer process, which initially is not strictly physical.

Statistics can imply whatever you want them to
Although various external influences may be harmful, especially to vulnerable organisms – including electromagnetic radiation, toxins and other particles in the air and water, and certain drugs – these are not primary generators of the cancer process. So, there’s a fundamental flaw in the current obsession with finding statistical patterns associated with the incidence of particular cancers, and then simplistically assuming the connection to be causal.

Statistics represent sterile, dead information about the past, selectively sought, gathered and recorded as so-called data, which is often biased because the selecting was based on unquestioned assumptions and attitudes before being organised into abstract number patterns. The manipulating of the numbers is then normally intended to calculate the mathematical probability of certain medical outcomes occurring. However, what is not usually factored in is the inherent tendency of unhealthy societies to regenerate and perpetuate certain psychological attitudes and patterns of behaviour which predictably result in a range of illnesses that then show up as statistical ‘data’ – especially in this age of computer-generated ‘big data’.

Crisis psychology
A diagnosis of cancer usually prompts some kind of crisis mentality, a crisis being a situation of both jeopardy and opportunity for significant change. And with this comes the need to choose from a range of options regarding how to respond. A healthy response would involve a radical review of previously unquestioned attitudes, emotional and physical, and habits that prevailed up to this crisis… followed by profound changes concerning feelings, relationships and life in general – reducing anxiety, inhibition and withdrawing, while promoting releasing and free expression. An unhealthy response would be an attitude driven by fear of pain, loss or death, and a longing to get back to the imagined comfort zone of how things were before…ie the situation within which the disease condition arose.

Symptom fixing is not curing or healing
Microscopic analysing and experimenting with organic substances and chemicals, in the hope of finding the ‘building block’ causes of this or that cancer, are obvious ways of avoiding the need to examine one’s own inhibited, distorted attitudes and those of a society – as factors in the cancer process. For example, contemporary ‘smart’ physical treatments can ‘eliminate’ cancer cells, destroying tumours and thereby creating an illusion of a ‘cure’. BUT crucially, as is admitted by various medical authorities, zapping the symptoms does not address the underlying causes of the cancer process. So, if the deeper problems are not resolved, sooner or later the disease process will resume and/or manifest in other symptom patterns.

Therefore, whatever kind of treatment regime is opted for, orthodox or other, recovery prospects will depend on the person’s prevailing attitude towards his or her life. That’s because consciousness is primal, so physicality follows consciousness. And if the cancerous process has already progressed too far for the body to recover, death will have to be accepted as the inevitable, natural outcome for this lifetime.


The above is an edited extract from Threshold Wellness/Illness which also includes a section on Breast Cancer, as understood from the Threshold perspective.

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