Threshold Wellness/Illness: Introduction

1. Mind before matter

We all know that our attitude and general state of mind affect our body chemistry, and that this affects how we function physically… which then may affect our lives in all sorts of ways. Also, while all the cells in our physical body are continuously dying and being replaced, we continue to function as conscious beings, whether we’re awake or asleep. This knowledge tells us that consciousness exists first, before physical matter, which is an extremely useful piece of information for understanding and dealing with all aspects of our lives. For example, trying to deal with different patterns of illness without first acknowledging that fundamental fact can result in all kinds of confusion.

2. Polar opposites

The simple yoga posture called Tree Pose serves as a useful method of discovering, in a very basic physical way, how balanced or not we are in body and mind. It involves standing erect on one leg with the other foot tucked up against the inside of the standing leg, above the knee and pointing down, with hands palm-facing-palm, and arms extended upwards above the head. Now, if you experience difficulty balancing and tend to tip one way or another it’s because you’re being pulled ‘down’, ie towards the centre of the Earth. That is to say, the  inward/downward force called gravity is overpowering the outward/upward force that draws us and plants away towards the sun and sky. This outward force was known in earlier times as levity, the polar opposite of gravity.

The full experience of this pose is a feeling of vertical release from the from the density and heaviness of matter and from the intensity of the lower, surface level, horizontal material world. You’re being drawn away from the centre of the Earth, and at the same time experiencing an effortless sense of lightness and balance. It’s about letting yourself be raised by levity, as opposed to wilfully exerting physical force to push against the Earth’s gravity. When you’re anxious or fearful – of pain, discomfort, falling or failing in some way – you physically tense up and contract, which makes your body more dense and more gravity-bound, so you feel heavier and are more likely to topple over. And if your mind is distracted and chattering away about earthly stuff, this too is likely to pull you ‘downward’ and result in imbalance.

So, Tree Pose serves as a reminder to stay attentive to the immediate here and now. Meanwhile, the interplay of the two polar opposite forces, gravity and levity, is the universal principle of polarity in action.

3. Some things chime with me while others don’t

You will probably have experienced at some time a feeling of being ‘in tune’ or ‘at one’ with another person or an idea expressed. Or you may have heard a vibrating tone evoking a corresponding response in yourself, perhaps through music… or the opposite, dissonant effect This kind of responding is known as resonating or being in resonance. So, you already know about primal consciousness, polarity and resonance, the three fundamental principles that govern the functioning of the whole cosmos in all its endless complexity. How these three function together is what’s revealed from the Threshold perspective.

The functional, all-inclusive, subjective and objective approach taken in this work contrasts with the more masculine, analytical and mechanistic mentality which currently dominates  Western materialistic medicine. Threshold thinking is based on an understanding that there is coherence, pattern and meaning to be found behind the apparently disconnected and random phenomena of this world. Which makes the joining-up-the-dots method of investigation and diagnosis a creative and often rewarding experience.

The whole document, Threshold Wellness/Illness, is available free as a download from

The greater context that brings coherence to any study of wellness and illness is sketched out in Notes from the Threshold, also available as a free download.


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