Greek Drama 2015 – a Whole New Perspective


In Greece on 26th January 2015, the political party Syriza, having just won a general election, formed a coalition government with a small minority party. Syriza had campaigned on a broadly socialist agenda, in sharp contrast to the previous elected Greek governments whose agendas promoted selfish greed-and-fear-driven capitalism.

The new government’s mission was to end the five years of ‘austerity’ that had been imposed upon the population after the Greek national debt had spiralled out of control. The debt had become mathematically unredeemable, given that the Greek state was incapable of raising enough income even to pay off the interest annually accruing. So, it had to keep borrowing yet more just to stay afloat.

Thus the 2010 bail-out. But that came with Greece’s main creditors making increasingly stringent demands on how the country’s finances were now to be managed. The main and ultimate creditor was and is the privately owned global financial syndicate, referred to here as SCAB, the syndicate of central and arch-banks. This comprises all central banks worldwide and thus includes the Bank of Greece, ie the Greek central bank, and the ECB, the European Central Bank. SCAB’s arch-banks are the IMF, World Bank and BIS, the central bank of the central banks. Over centuries this syndicate has evolved, gradually gaining monopoly control of the world’s money supply and thereby becoming the world’s ultimate moneylender and creditor.

Why has there been no real negotiating – only arm-twisting, accusations and insults?

That’s because there are at least three different perspectives involved, each driven by a different motivation.

1. The political ‘us-versus-them’ mentality of the EU and particularly the German government, telling Greece to ‘play the game’ according to the agreed official rules. In this game, ‘losing face’ is to be avoided at all costs.

2. The financial/economic mentality of the SCAB institutions, which are essentially demanding “Pay up, or else!”. However, SCAB will do whatever it takes to keep the money game going by preventing the whole system collapsing. Otherwise its whole raison d’etre would evaporate.

3. The human/social/practical plea of the new Greek government which is essentially saying “Can’t pay and won’t pay without some extra help.”

So, given the crippled, distorted way our dysfunctional world presently works, each party in this situation speaks from within its own culture’s mindbox, each of which has its own set of assumptions, attitudes, values and terms. Thus the lack of any meaningful discussion. The so-called troika is itself divided into, on one side two branches of SCAB, and on the other the EU which is supposed to represent twenty eight diverse nation states, each of which has its own unspoken ulterior motives. So they all speak in the coded language of a game of bluff.

One farcical aspect of the unfolding Greek tragedy, therefore, is that one branch of SCAB, namely the ECB, has been lending money to Greece in order for it to survive financially while trying to pay off part of its debt to another branch of SCAB, the IMF. Yet none of the players involved in the action – including all politicians and media experts – are allowed to even mention this crucial but unspoken anomaly. Why not? For individuals, the reason would seem to be mainly career fear. As for SCAB, the various nation states’ representatives and the media corporations, they’d prefer the world not to be aware of how their complicity in this shameful charade is being concealed in order to maintain the current overall status quo of wealth, authority and privilege.

Meanwhile, amidst all the phoney financial and political posturing, only the new Greek finance minister has openly acknowledged the fact that the Greek state is actually insolvent – as are most other nation states. This means that if the whole, fragile, global financial system were to implode and collapse like an elaborate system of bubbles within bubbles, SCAB would be out of business. That’s why it has always been ready to conjure up more imaginary money out of nothing to keep the game going, ie to maintain the status quo. The latest electronic version of this ‘printing money’ manoeuvre is known as QE, quantitative easing.

It was during the last worldwide ‘easy money’ phase, engineered by SCAB, that tax avoidance and evasion became ever more deeply embedded in the culture of Greek society. As a consequence, state and private debt increased rapidly – that is, until SCAB judged that it was, in its own best interests, time to contrive a severe contraction in the world economy in 2007.

In this context, the shared policy of Syriza and its coalition partner was to renegotiate the terms for the repayment of Greece’s debts, and thereby end the suffering and humiliation brought on by the enforced austerity regime. The fact that the fundamental attitudes of the two parties regarding most other issues were very different didn’t seem significant at that moment.

How did it come to this?

Back in 2001 Greece had become a member of the Eurozone, a currency union of European nation states which shared a single currency, the euro. However, it was obvious to many even then that Greece had qualified for membership only through some significant deception and cheating and some official Eurozone complicity regarding Greece’s financial situation.

Aware of all that, various experts had predicted that the move was doomed to fail, that Greece would end up drowning in debt, and sooner or later would have to leave the Eurozone. However, at that time, such doubts were discounted by the EU decision-makers. Their reasoning seemed to amount to a political determination to expand the Eurozone as rapidly as possible, regardless of such risks. Why so is a whole other story.

The Threshold perspective brings coherence

In this work, a clear perspective on the whole murky situation is gained by detecting the underlying coherence concealed beneath an apparently incoherent tangled mess. The first requirement is to gain as broad an overview of the whole situation as possible in order to see it in its greater context. The next move is to combine this view with some penetrating insight into the minds and motives of those most intimately involved.

That combination of overview and insight is the essence of the quietly powerful Threshold perspective, which does require a temporary abandoning of one’s normal, pre-programmed assumptions about whatever is under consideration.

So, what was really going on?

Since the switch from a harsh masculine military dictatorship (1967-74) to a more indulgent and feminine, ‘democratic-capitalistic set-up, the people of Greece have been enticed and tempted with ‘easy money’, ie readily available credit. As a consequence, corruption has continued to flourish, along with the non-payment of taxes – money which could be helping to finance the diminishing range of social services and welfare benefits being provided.

So, stepping back to view it in its wider context, what characterises the ethos of this unwholesome scenario?

Context 1. ‘Dog eats dog’ and ‘competitive team games’

These are two obvious signs that the old, tried and tested, ‘divide and rule’ method of keeping a population submissive is being exploited by an unseen ruling elite – not to be confused with the token, ornamental, elected ‘government’. Consequently, the majority of individuals in Greece have found themselves set against one another as rivals in a daily struggle just to keep going.

Within the Eurozone arena, ‘the Greek people’ collectively find themselves set against the so-called troika: the EU, the European Central Bank and the IMF, the latter two both being major branches of SCAB. The ‘Greek people’ are also being artificially set against ‘the German people’ who, within this political make-believe ‘us versus them’ game, are said to collectively resent having to pay now for the economic failures of past Greek governments and the self-indulgence of the Greeks in general.

However, the people of Greece – just as in Germany and elsewhere – are not a single uniform entity, to be lumped together as if all of one mind and attitude, as certain crass political and media mouths continue to insinuate. The people of Greece are being divided and ruled, deceived and disempowered, and have been growing increasingly angry and desperate to find a way out of their current entrapment.

Thus the population of Greece as a whole can be seen in this situation as more or less a microcosm of contemporary humanity. And so, typically, the distribution of wealth varies from the excessive riches of a small minority to the deepening poverty of the mass majority.

Worldwide, the educationally deprived masses of humanity continue to be herded into rival ‘teams’ – national, religious, ethnic etc, to which they’re programmed to remain loyal, despite the injustices, pain and damage to others this may cause, directly or indirectly.

For the significant factor here is that humanity in general is being kept fragmented through the resulting tangle of competing loyalties to which they’re committed, a tangle which renders them politically impotent and thus subservient to their existing ruling elites. It’s how adult authority figures take advantage of the naturally competitive striving of young children to establish their places in various pecking orders. However, most individuals, having passed through childhood, are capable of at least realising that they’re being divided and ruled, once this fact is clearly demonstrated. How they then respond is another question altogether.

Removing the backdrop to that scenario opens up a broader perspective that reveals the context within which nation states, transnational corporations and other organisations are all competing against one another.

Context 2. Sovereign nation states? Not any more

Greece is, supposedly, what’s called a ‘sovereign nation state’, one amongst the many into which humankind is currently divided. So, before proceeding further, it’s necessary to realise that the nation state is essentially an elaborate protection racket whose ruling elite – not to be confused with elected politicians – is essentially the dominant gang in that society. And, as such, states collect taxes as their protection money, while providing just enough ‘welfare’ to offset public discontent and prevent it becoming revolutionary.

It’s also necessary to realise that these state set-ups mutually need each other to be there as competitors or enemies, in order to justify their own privileged leadership positions. However, the key to overall domination at this level is money and who controls it.

For all nation states – along with the rest of humanity – are inescapably tied into the one global money system. And that’s because they’ve been cleverly manoeuvred into ending up irretrievably in debt to the ultimate creditor, the monopoly supplier of the world’s money, SCAB or Mama SCAB, as described in Notes from the Threshold*. Consequently, their former sovereignty has largely been surrendered to SCAB & Co.

So, zooming out further, what can be seen to characterise the yet wider context in which SCAB‘s subtle, more feminine kind of power is being so successfully wielded?

Context 3. Strictly taboo: Mama SCAB and her worldwide web of debt

Mama SCAB is a symbolic name for a global organisation that’s poisoning all areas of life on Earth. It’s also a taboo subject in the mass media and in formal education systems. And that ban continues to conceal the fact that most of humanity, one way or another, is addicted to and dependent on the imaginary money SCAB is allowed to conjure up out of nothing and then lend out at interest to nation states and commercial banks.

The resulting pathetic dependency of nation states on ‘fixes’ of SCAB‘s ‘debt money’ has now become normalised and obscured in financial jargon. Meanwhile, most people today couldn’t conceive of a world without ‘money concerns’ overshadowing their lives. Yet they don’t understand how the grand deception works and how this situation came to be.

For it’s all a huge confidence trick, and one which the ruling elites of nation states prefer to cover up rather than shamefully have to acknowledge. Which is why it suits both SCAB and all nation states to keep it a strictly taboo subject in the mass media they control. There’s also a religious dimension to this situation, as there is to most current world problems. And much of this concerns three particularly troubled undercurrents: ie the competing ambitions of certain Jews, Muslims and Christians. (See Notes from the Threshold*)

But once the relevant dots have been joined up and all money troubles have been traced back to source, SCAB’s long term agenda reveals itself ever more clearly – as a means to global control through manipulation of the world’s money supply, resulting in ever-increasing universal indebtedness to SCAB. The more deeply people are convinced that money is essential to their lives on Earth – like air and water – the more dependant on and subservient to SCAB they become.

Mama SCAB’s Web of Debt

SCAB: Syndicate of Central and Arch-Banks

a private set-up that controls the world’s money supply

Web distort1

This is the key factor behind the ever-increasing so-called ‘shortages of money‘ being experienced by nation states and all who are not in league with or favoured by Mama SCAB… even though limitless amounts of this imaginary ‘fiat money’ can be conjured into existence at any chosen moment. The background to understanding this surreal situation is outlined in Notes from the Threshold*.

Crypto-currencies: saviours or a stopgap on the way to a post-money world?

Recently, crypto-currency enthusiasts have been optimistically promoting the idea of a new, transparent and mathematically ‘pure’ world money system to replace the old and irreparably corrupted one. However, this idea has several serious limitations and hasn’t evolved sufficiently to offer a realistic alternative option for Greece. (See Appendix).

So, in order to overcome the SCAB problem, we need to zoom out further, and view it in its yet greater context.

Context 4. The secret ‘loveless marriage of convenience’

From this higher level perspective on world events, we become aware of the mutually dependent partnership between the ageing Mama SCAB and her fading partner, Papa State, in the business of mass deception. Symbolically, he represents the typical nation state’s ruling elite, running the traditional state protection racket… which itself requires a continuous injection of Mama SCAB‘s money just to keep the whole show, including her, in business.

Their petty rivalry and mutual sniping can be detected in all areas of interaction worldwide between (a) Mama‘s people in the financial/ commercial business sectors, and (b) those serving Papa‘s realm of state officialdom and institutions. As a result, the effects of this conflict continuously ripple through all areas and levels of politics, finance, economics and religion.

Psychologically, the pair can be understood as representing the ‘dark side or aspect’ of humanity’s two polar opposite principles, the universal masculine and universal feminine. These are not the same thing as physical gender, and are to be found uniquely combined in each individual male and female.

A longer view

Mama SCAB and Papa State are relics representing humankind’s distorted state of imbalance and stress due to its passage through the descent into matter era. This is a departing cosmic era which is now being superceded by the qualitatively different, polar opposite era, the ascent out of matter. These phases of cosmic evolution are explained in a simple, straightforward way in Notes from the Threshold*.

Briefly, they are about, first, the descent of universal/cosmic consciousness into the realm of dense physical matter. In that phase, as the cosmos contracts, gravity prevails, and the centripetal, focusing, penetrating, universal, masculine principle overpowers the expansive, receptive, accommodating, feminine principle.

In the ascent out of matter phase, the process is reversed, as expansion, levity and the universal feminine principle begin to prevail. Levity is the complementary polar opposite cosmic force to gravity, each one meaningless without the other, like light and dark. This all-inclusive understanding of cosmic evolution is enabled from the Threshold perspective, which implies an even broader context.

Greece 2015

So, in this brief analysis we’ve touched on the three universal principles which are the basis of the Threshold perspective: (1) consciousness as the ultimate, primary reality, (2) polarity as the dynamic behind all manifestation, and (3) resonance as the working principle that connects and relates all forms, physical and non-physical, in the cosmos. Thus we have a way of detecting the coherence within any situation, however incoherent it may at first seem.

Context 5. The transition from descent to ascent

In the current turbulent phase of cosmic transition, the masculine, contracting, descent era is beginning to be superceded by a more feminine, expansive, ascent era, as evidenced in:

– the ‘expanding universe’, discovered by late 20th century physicists,

– the increasing numbers of women worldwide in positions of prominence, previously the exclusive domain of men,

– the increasing tendency towards more subtle, psychological ‘battles for hearts and minds’ instead of gross, messy, physical wars,

– the desperate, extreme and violent rearguard action of certain groups of males in resisting this development, especially in old, inertia-bound, male-dominated, descent era cultures worldwide,

– the equally extreme and distorted, but more subtle, descent era type of feminine manipulation going on, as epitomised by Mama SCAB‘s worldwide web of debt.

So now, from the transcendent, all-inclusive Threshold perspective, we can zoom back in and focus on Greece in early 2015.

Context 6: Greece in the midst of all this

As the big, subtle cosmic changes work through the inertia and details of the dense physical world, what we find is the population of Greece caught up in the general turbulence and confusion. We see certain ‘global governance’ fanatics trying to exercise an old descent era kind of dominance and authority in promoting a ‘federal Europe’ as a step along that path. But this doesn’t help resolve anything, since the motivation behind it is mainly a combination of selfish greed and a pathological lust for power over other peoples’ lives. Not surprisingly, this has not been well received in Greece.

Further, none of the other various old-style solutions being proposed – whether so-called left wing, right wing, liberal, moderate or extremist – could possibly work out well for the Greek people as a whole. For the deeply divisive and intense discontent already stirred up soon dissipates any potential for mutual empathy and cooperation in contributing to what comes next.

So, the ongoing drama in Greece presently looks destined to play out with the inevitability of a classical tragedy, the seeds of which are already sown. For superficially tinkering about with the existing failed world set-up, through compromises that please no one, can only prolong and worsen the stress and suffering of all concerned. To be overcome, the troubled situation needs to be transcended.

Also, we’ve now identified and traced the main symptoms and causal factors back to humankind’s passage through the era of descent into matter. So, ultimately, there’s nothing to be gained from any mutual blaming or vengeance. However, that doesn’t imply any avoiding of responsibility for what’s being suffered on Earth right now, nor for deciding what action would be best for the wellbeing of humankind as a whole from here onwards.

Conclusion: There is available a sane way to resolve the conundrum for the benefit of humanity as a whole, once we realise that we can think outside of the mindboxes within which we, humanity, find ourselves presently trapped.

So, in summary, first we have a world under the controlling spell of Mama SCAB, through her worldwide web of debt. And now her power has been challenged, rhetorically, by Syriza’s denouncing of the troika. That threesome includes the EU which itself represents twenty-eight European states. But they are each so deeply in debt to SCAB that their governments are obliged to comply with SCAB’s agenda, overriding any supposed political commitment to serving their electorates.

A radical alternative approach would be to harness the quiet power of the Threshold perspective, which would bring a fresh and new yet timeless way of thinking coherently about the situation, and could lead to a very different and more favourable outcome. However, it would necessarily involve adopting a whole new value system, based on a practical understanding of real human need and a determination to rebalance deficiency and excess worldwide in relation to such need.

Also, in order to satisfy the widespread human longing for justice and fairness, it would have to be applicable to all humankind – which will not be a welcome prospect for the minority who think of themselves as ‘winners’ or at least ‘doing OK’ under the present status quo. This will not be a quick, election-winning fix.

So, that leaves a clear, practical, open-ended challenge for humanity: If the old ways are not working, what kind of new world do we collectively need and want? And how do we at least start to create such a world, both for ourselves and for the generations who’ll follow us? Which implies the further question: What do we need to abandon first in order to move on?

Beyond our collective adolescence

From the Threshold perspective, it’s clear that for humankind to flourish and find fulfilment on Earth, we now need to progress beyond our collective adolescence and beyond our childish dependence on Mama and Papa. That means we don’t need protection racket, enemy-seeking nation states, nor greed and fear-driven commercial organisations, large or small, and we don’t need a global banking syndicate of financial confidence tricksters.

Neither do we need divisive, supremacy-preaching religious organisations which prey on humanity’s infantile fears and fantasies. And we certainly don’t need any secretive alliances of global governance fanatics, driven by pathological power-lusting ambitions.

What could emerge from this ongoing Greek drama, is a realisation that what is needed, for a start, is a new and evolving global network of practical, persevering pioneers, able and willing to reawaken that elusive human quality called trust. And what would also help would be an express (online?) commitment from all supportive individuals to cooperate in starting to eliminate all real human need. This would constitute a powerful statement of intent, not a mere protest.

Many voices today are crying out for radically new ways of thinking and living on this Earth.

With that in mind, the inspired One Humanity (OH) vision, as a practical, do-able, long term project for our times, is offered in Notes from the Threshold*.

Notes from the Threshold is a free downloadable PDF from

See also various articles in the blog

Appendix: Crypto-currencies and their limitations

The inherently obscure, complex, mathematical logic of crypto-currencies makes them seem remote, alien and unappealing to many people. Then there’s the ever present threat of digital and physical sabotage, plus the negative environmental impact of the ever-increasing physical memory storage capacity required by each blockchain.

Also, crypto-currencies don’t inspire any kind of visionary thinking beyond the selfish fear-and-greed mentality of the failed social system known as capitalism. They offer only a more efficient and transparent version. For capitalism itself is effectively now history, following SCAB’s controlling takeover of international finance, and therefore of international politics. So, while the professional media mouths carry on talking their comfort zone capitalist talk, humanity is being shunted towards a SCAB-controlled, neo-feudal, corporate kind of fascism.



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