B R E X I T 2016 : A false choice

What it’s really all about

BREXIT: a false ‘either/or’ choice from a pre-set menu that excludes other possible options.

“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion but allow very lively debate within that spectrum – even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there is free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits being put on the range of the debate.”                                                                                                                          Noam Chomsky

In this case an animated but false debate about the UK and EU is being stoked up in order to distract attention from the secretive global governance manoeuvrings going on behind the scenes. That’s what is being indirectly alluded to in the coded warnings about a federal Europe, which itself is just one part of a wider, global strategy.

Once that is realised, neither of the two options on the pre-set referendum menu seems acceptable. For the ‘leave’ campaign is basically about regressing back into the old, dying world of nation states in a time of increasing global awareness. while the ‘remain’ campaign is advocating continuing in a direction that’s unfavourable for all humankind, although superficially advantageous for a few in the short term until its true implications start to work out

Meanwhile, any dissident voices that reject the whole fake charade of a debate are being systematically excluded from all significant public forums, and smothered by those who can afford to pay for the power of the algorithms that sabotage unwelcome internet activity.  An unbalanced, unjust and unwholesome status quo can only produce unsatisfactory outcomes. So, the bigger picture has to be addressed and radical changes have to be made at that level in order to achieve any significant improvements in ordinary people’s lives

Layers of the Onion

To read the situation more clearly it’s necessary to (a) remove the superficial ‘layers’, so as to reveal what lies beneath, and (b) acknowledge the huge ‘elephant in the room’ that no one dares to mention in public (see Layer 3). This requires us to mentally venture out of familiar comfort zones and safe harbours… into a space where bigger forces are at work. Otherwise we remain trapped within the limits of a mind-box imposed by others, and will continue to suffer the consequences.

Layer 1  The Context

Worldwide, people grow up to find that they’ve long been herded into various rival ‘teams’ – national, religious, ethnic, political, class etc – to which they’re programmed to remain loyal, whatever the outcome. The resulting tangle of competing loyalties and rivalries renders them politically impotent and thus exploitable by ruling elites. This is divide and rule in action.

It’s one way authority figures, such as parents and teachers, keep children under control: ie by exploiting the natural competitive striving of children to establish their relative status in the various pecking orders they encounter as they grow up. Adults can similarly be controlled and distracted from realising they’re being exploited. The 2016 UK/EU referendum is an example of such manipulation.

The superficial case for leaving is essentially political, concerned with who’s to be in charge regarding crucial decision-making. This represents a combination of ‘go for it’ bravado and a nostalgic, regressive attitude of attachment to the past, revealing a mentality of old style male dominance within an elite of ‘big fish in a little (national) pond’.

The superficial official case for remaining in is mainly based on economics, ie selfish fear-and-greed money ‘games’, with a few dire warnings about war and peace and ‘security’ added on to stoke up some extra fear. However, after some reading between the lines and some decoding of the jargon, the unspoken agenda here appears more like a relentless push towards a conglomerate European superstate.

This would be a significant step in the direction of humanity eventually being divided up into just a few such superstates, eventually to be ruled over by a single world government, a self-selecting elite which would itself amount to some kind of neo-feudal, fascist dictatorship. The forces behind this global governance push are referred to later in this piece.

So, the government of the day, regardless of normal party politics and the divisions such a referendum exposes, is obliged to support the ‘remain’ campaign if it wants to stay in office for a while longer.      

Both ‘sides’ are clearly appealing to people’s petty, childlike self-interest, whether as individuals or ‘us versus them’ patriotism. And meanwhile, the power of nation states is being diminished through the promoting of divisive inter-national trade agreements such as TTIP and TTP. However, the high proportion of ‘undecided’ voters appears to reflect how unconvinced so many people are by the arguments of both ‘sides’ of this phony debate.

Beneath that outer superficial layer, another layer is revealed, at which nation states, transnational commercial corporations and other organisations are all competing against one another.

Layer 2  Nation states = protection rackets

First, the nation state is essentially an elaborate protection racket whose ruling elite – not to be confused with its powerless elected ‘government’ politicians – is essentially the dominant gang in that society. So, the state collects taxes as its protection money while providing just enough ‘welfare’ to prevent public discontent becoming revolutionary.

Nation states are expressions of humanity’s masculine aspect, ie the universal masculine principle (see Layer 5), which is not to be confused with individual male gender. These states mutually need each other out there as rivals, competitors or enemies in order for each’s leadership to justify its own privileged position as protector. However, today the key to overall domination and control at this level is money and who controls it.

That’s because virtually all nation states are inescapably tied into the one global money system. This is a situation into which they’ve been cleverly enticed so that they’d end up irretrievably in debt – which they have done –  to the world’s ultimate creditor, the monopoly supplier of the world’s money, the global financial syndicate symbolically named Mama SCAB (see Layer 3).

Sovereignty is one of the words frequently bandied about in the Brexit debate. However, there is no sovereignty any more because it has long been surrendered to this financial syndicate. So, whenever it’s reported officially or in the news that America, the UK or some other country is doing or not doing this or that, it actually means their controllers, ie their creditors, have either ordered or OK’d it.

Looking beneath that layer, what characterises the normally hidden world in which the subtle power of money is being so successfully wielded?

Layer 3  Strictly taboo: Mama SCAB and her worldwide web of debt

Mama SCAB is a symbolic name for the private moneylending business, ie the global Syndicate of Central and Arch-Banks, which comprises all the central banks around the world plus the IMF, World Bank and BIS. It started out as a small German Jewish moneylending business, and it’s now the unmentionable ‘elephant in the room’.

It’s a relic of a now departing dark era in human history*, and it’s poisoning all aspects of life on Earth. As a consequence, the dependency of nation states on fixes of SCAB‘s ‘debt money’ has now become normalised. But this subtle form of manipulation on a global scale is obscured in the financial jargon of the SCAB-controlled news media.

The story is that over centuries SCAB has deviously acquired the exclusive worldwide monopoly right to conjure up out of nothing this imaginary stuff called money wherever and whenever it chooses, and then lend it out out at interest to governments and other financial organisations. This is essentially what ‘debt money’ means. It’s also known as fiat money, which means that it’s not backed up by any reserves of gold or silver.

Meanwhile, most people today couldn’t conceive of a world without ‘money concerns’ overshadowing their lives. Yet they still don’t understand how the grand deception works and how it originated. So, the more deeply they’re convinced each day that money is essential to their lives on Earth – like air and water – the more addicted to and dependent on Mama SCAB‘s ‘debt money’ they become. And SCAB makes sure that this state of affairs continues.

The fact is that it’s all a huge confidence trick, and one that the ruling elites of nation states prefer to cover up out of shame at their own impotence. So, it suits both SCAB and all nation states to keep it veiled.

There’s also a religious dimension – as there is to most current world problems. And this concerns three especially troubled undercurrents affecting all world affairs: ie the competing ambitions of certain Jews, Muslims and Christians. (See Notes from the Threshold*)

However, once the layers have been identified and penetrated, a long term agenda is revealed. SCAB is the financial arm of those Zionist nationalists whose aim is Israeli global supremacy – a target to be achieved through manipulating the world’s money supply so that just about everyone ends up in debt to and under the control of Mama SCAB.

This is the key factor behind the ever-increasing ‘shortages of money‘ being experienced everywhere by all who are not in league with or favoured by Mama SCAB. The background to understanding this surreal situation of periodic booms and busts, orchestrated by SCAB, is outlined in Notes from the Threshold*.

[Recently, crypto-currency enthusiasts have been optimistically promoting the idea of a new, transparent and mathematically ‘pure’ world money system to replace the old and irreparably corrupted one. But this idea hasn’t yet evolved sufficiently to offer a realistic alternative.]

So, in order to overcome the SCAB problem, we need to remove that layer and discover what hidden factors are at work beneath it. Meanwhile, here’s a sketch of SCAB‘s worldwide web of debt.

Mama SCAB’s Web of Debt

SCAB: Syndicate of Central and Arch-Banks

A private global business with exclusive monopoly control of the world’s money supply.

It’s arch-banks are the IMF, World Bank and BIS.

Web distort1

Looking at those first three layers is useful. However, it’s possible to probe much further and deeper.

Layer 4 Papa State and Mama SCAB

These symbolic name-labels actually represent a harsh reality. Mama SCAB and Papa State are jointly in the business of mass deception and are mutually interdependent. Symbolically, Papa State represents the typical nation state’s ruling elite, running its state protection racket. But this requires a continuous injection of Mama SCAB‘s money just to keep their joint show in business, for she needs the protection and authority that Papa State can still provide.

So, their’s is a loveless marriage of convenience, and their petty rivalry and mutual sniping can be detected in all areas of interaction between (a) Mama‘s people in the financial/ commercial business sectors and (b) Papa‘s people in the realm of state officialdom and institutions. The hostility continuously ripples, in various forms, through all areas and levels of politics, finance, economics and religion. It also accounts for the main schisms and ‘splits’ which politicians have to try inelegantly to straddle.

The two figures can be seen as representing the ‘darker’ aspect of humanity’s universal masculine and universal feminine principles… from a dark era in cosmic evolution. (See Notes from the Threshold*)

And beneath that layer, yet closer to the core, is a clue to the nature of that era…

Layer 5 The cosmic time factor

Mama SCAB and Papa State are relics of a departing cosmic era of descent into matter, now being superceded by a polar opposite ascent out of matter era. These phases of cosmic evolution are explained in a simple, straightforward way in Notes from the Threshold*.

Briefly, first came the descent (or condensation) of primal consciousness into dense physical matter. In that phase, as the cosmos contracts, gravity prevails, and the universal, contracting, focusing, penetrating, masculine principle overpowers the expansive, radiating, receptive, accommodating, manipulative, feminine principle.

In the ascent out of matter phase, the process is reversed, as expansion, levity and the universal feminine principle begin to prevail. [Levity is the complementary polar opposite cosmic force to gravity, each one meaningless without the other, like light and dark.]

The descent era, by its very nature a contracting, masculine-dominated evolutionary phase, produced many separate, competing nation states. And in that unbalanced context, humanity’s compromised feminine aspect – through a German Jewish family business in moneylending, known as Rothschildgave birth to a single, global, banking syndicate, SCAB, which proceeded to weave a worldwide web of debt. And as the world’s ultimate creditor, it has been able to cleverly play off the many nation states against one another and thereby control them.

One aspect of this general strategy is the way SCAB ‘hedges’ its bets by financing both sides in wars and political elections. In the Brexit referendum, as usual SCAB will win either way. But it has a preference for the Remain side, because this could hasten the coming of a world of just a few controllable superstates.

In the UK in April 2016, the visiting US President did what he’d been ordered to do by his controllers, as is normal for presidents: he pushed for the UK to remain in the EU. Why? Because humankind divided into just a few manageable conglomerate superstates is part of the long term ‘supremacy’ strategy of the financial Zionist Jews, one distorted strand of humanity’s descent era feminine aspect. For, in the bigger picture, this is all part of the  rebalancing of humanity’s masculine and feminine ‘sides’ towards a natural and eventual equilibrium state… that is, until both of those descent era elements fade away and the new characteristics of the ascent era begin to predominate.

So, we now have a consistent way of detecting certain simple patterns and the overall coherence within any situation, however complex or incoherent it may at first seem. Such an all-inclusive understanding is always possible from the Threshold perspective. Which suggests some even deeper layers. But that would take us into the realm of esoteric thinking, which is beyond the scope of this piece.  So now, back to the UK/EU dilemma.

Conclusion What other options are there, apart from ‘in or out’?

A radical alternative approach is needed. The quiet power of the Threshold perspective could bring a fresh and new yet timeless way of thinking coherently about the situation, and could lead to a very different and more favourable outcome. However, it would necessarily involve adopting a whole new ‘human values’ system, based on a practical understanding of real human need and a determination to rebalance deficiency and excess worldwide in relation to such need.

This will not be a welcome prospect for those who think of themselves as ‘winning’ or at least ‘doing OK’ under the current status quo. But presently, life on Earth is deteriorating rapidly while under the toxic spell of Mama SCAB, who’s still manipulating world affairs through a worldwide web of debt.

And although, ultimately, there’s little or nothing to be gained from blaming or vengeance-seeking, that’s no reason to ignore where responsibility lies for much of the suffering on Earth right now. Nor should it distract attention from the universal human obligation to meet real ongoing human needs. For the very existence of deprived and hungry populations means increasing trouble to come for all humankind.

The Threshold perspective and One Humanity alternative                               

So, there’s now a clear, practical, open-ended challenge for humanity:                                          If the old ways are not working, what kind of world do we collectively need and want instead?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  And how do we start to create such a world, both for ourselves and for the generations who’ll follow us?                                                                                                                    Which implies the further question: What do we first need to abandon in order to move on?

From the Threshold perspective, it’s clear that for humankind to flourish and find fulfilment in our lives, we need to progress beyond our collective adolescence and our childish dependence on Mama and Papa figures. That means we don’t need protection racket, enemy-seeking nation states or a global banking syndicate of financial confidence tricksters. And we can meet all real human needs without greed-and-fear-driven commercial set-ups.

Nor do we need divisive, supremacy-preaching religious organisations which prey on humankind’s fears, longings and fantasies. And we certainly don’t need any secretive societies and alliances of global governance fanatics, driven by pathological power-lusting ambitions.

What could emerge from all this is a new and evolving global network of autonomous, practical, pioneer communities, able and willing to reawaken that elusive human quality called trust – each adapting to local conditions while all are committed to certain agreed guiding principles.

And in order to satisfy the worldwide human longing for justice and fairness, such a set-up would eventually have to be applicable to all humankind – which, as stated earlier, may not at first be a welcome prospect for some. Consequently, it will not be a quick, election-winning fix.

What would also help would be an express commitment from all who support that idea to cooperate in whatever ways they can in starting to eliminate all real human need. This would constitute a powerful statement of intent, and not be just an impotent protest or gesture, such as handing over some cash in the name of ‘charity’. All of which involves thinking in ways far beyond the narrow, shallow mentality constricting the fake Brexit debate and referendum, which is clearly an irrelevant distraction from much more significant issues.

Many voices today are crying out for radically new ways of thinking and living on this Earth. With that in mind, the inspired One Humanity (OH) vision, as a practical, do-able, long term project for our times, is offered in Notes from the Threshold*.

* Notes from the Threshold is a free downloadable PDF from www.pathwayinitiatives.co.uk

See also various articles in the blog https://clearsthepath.wordpress.com