Guns and Money in the USA

In the USA, the mass shootings continue amidst all the other ongoing gun crime. Meanwhile, there’s the familiar deadlocked paralysis regarding any significant progress towards effective gun control legislation. Not only is there disagreement and conflict between the Federal administration and individual states, but also among the governments of different states. If you wanted to set up a situation of deadlocked political paralysis, you couldn’t do much better than this.

How has it come about? It’s happening because ‘ambivalence rules’. What does that mean?

It means that two rival, polar opposite attitudes govern life in the USA, leaving people’s attitudes towards guns and human rights polarised into two camps. And that reflects a fundamental polarity in humankind as a whole, but now taken to extremes in the deeply corrupted, fearful, angry and confused population of the USA.

So, to gain a clearer picture of the forces, factors and dynamics involved in this seemingly unresolvable duel, let’s start from ground level and work upwards.

At ground level

At ground level there’s widespread fear, insecurity and a sense of powerless vulnerability that comes from from living in a society saturated with guns which, as symbols of personal power, are glorified in films, video games, adverts and print. This tends to prompt an urge to own and be ready to use a gun to defend oneself and one’s family against any kind of threat.

Set against this is the unavoidable realisation that the proliferation of guns, especially into the hands of immature, irresponsible, extremist and mentally unstable individuals, increases the risk, both to the general public and to targeted individuals, of being arbitrarily shot.

The wider social context of all this is an ethos of hyped up competitive rivalry. The population, kept in educationally deprived ignorance and fear, and therefore easily divided and ruled, has been fragmented, leaving people set against one another in two basic ways:

(a) as vulnerable, insecure individuals, programmed to regard others in a child-like way as rivals in a rigged, competitive, fear-and-greed-driven economy – rather than as mature adults in a balanced, cooperative and just society.

(b) as competing rival groups, cross-divided by class, wealth, ethnicity, religion, nationality etc, as the ruling manipulators cleverly provoke a hostile ‘us v. them’ attitude in the ‘child’ within each adult. Thus the current insanity of yet more guns to solve a ‘too many guns’ problem.

In this way populations can be manipulated, intimidated, herded and exploited, and in the process become demoralised and stressed out. For they are also being enticed ever deeper into debt through the offer of easy, instant credit. All of which leaves them feeling powerless and craving various compensatory substitutes for the lack of any deep fulfilment in their lives, although there are, of course, exceptions.

At the same time, any violent reacting against this stressful entrapment is punished harshly, such that the privately owned, profit-driven prison industry is booming and growing.

One level up

Hovering above that seething, frenzied pit of fear and greed-driven rivalry floats the well funded and professionally organised ‘gun lobby‘, representing a common attitude towards gun ownership shared by many very different people. It feeds off the fragile bravado that comes from carrying a gun, a bravado that masks the underlying fear, which also tends to result in a self-centred, desensitised devaluing of lives outside one’s circle of ‘our people’.

The lobbyists skilfully harness that collective will power and focus it in ways that will influence government policy, since they represent a significant number of voters.

‘Pro-guns’ supporters tend to justify their position mainly by referring to:

(a) the Second Amendment to the Constitution, affirming the right to bear arms, and

(b) the dubious observations that ‘It’s people who kill each other, not guns’, and ‘Good people with guns can prevent bad people with guns doing harm’.

Meanwhile, regarding that same situation, the cynical perspective of those zealots who are planning to reduce world population, would be: ‘Give enough guns to immature, discontented people, and sure enough, they’ll start shooting each other’… like the familiar ‘Give him enough rope and he’ll hang himself’.

The essence of the ‘pro-guns’ message, however, is defiance against any who threaten to disempower Americans by restricting their freedom to bear arms in order to defend themselves. And that defiance is directed against the Federal administration whose aim is perceived to be the disarming of citizens in order to disempower them.

Next, to understand who is controlling the Federal authorities from behind the scenes, we need to go up a level.

Second level up

A broad survey of who controls what in the USA was commissioned by the famous American patriot and entrepreneur, Henry Ford, way back in the 1920s and was published as The International Jew. In it, he described how a small number of extremely wealthy European Jewish bankers, using their financial power and banking skills, had taken control of most of America’s major industries and, especially, control of it’s money supply through setting up their privately owned, profit-driven, non-federal central bank, called the Federal Reserve.

Those industries included the major news media and entertainment corporations. And that has enabled the minds of the American people since then to be programmed and influenced in ways that suit the controllers’ agenda. Meanwhile, no mention of this has been or is allowed in any mainstream media. So, it’s not on the ‘radar’ of millions of ordinary American consumers of ‘the news’, whether on screen, on the radio or in print.

One ‘smart’ financial trick of the central bankers in all this has been their policy of hedging their bets, or double-dealing. That means funding both sides in any significant war or election, so that they, the creditors, always profit, and the ‘winning side’ is left deeply obligated to those who backed them in their hour of need.

Throughout the whole ‘gun control’ battle, this dedicated and well organised global financial enterprise is the huge unmentioned ‘elephant in the room. How so? It’s because most ordinary people find it hard to comprehend or identify with such a warped and calculating mentality that, on the one hand, craves total control, but also happily compromises since there are vast profits to be made in the guns and weaponry industry.

So, to make sense of the ideological battle between the double-dealing controllers and those determined to defy them at whatever cost, we need to rise above this level.

Third level up

From a more ‘elevated’ perspective, we can detect a polarity: the gun-toting mentality is broadly an expression of humanity’s masculine ‘side’ or ‘aspect’, whereas the craving for control is more a characteristic of humanity’s distorted feminine side from an earlier, darker era. However, that distinction could easily be misinterpreted into a gender issue.

So, just to clarify, this polarity is about the universal masculine and feminine principles, which are not the same thing as the physical gender of individuals, each of whom is a unique combination of both principles. Therefore, both women and men carry guns. And in order to transcend that potential source of confusion, we need to go up another level.

Fourth level up

From a perspective that enables some grasp of the cosmic evolutionary process, the primal polarity of the cosmos can be appreciated in the dynamic, rhythmical alternating of contraction and expansion. And the two corresponding forces of this universal pulsating process are gravity and levity.

Presently, the cosmos is in the early stages of transition from an era of contraction, ie the ‘descent into matter’, to one of expansion, an ‘ascent out of matter‘. These eras are explained in Notes from the Threshold*.

As one of the two forces temporarily prevails over the other, so the qualities it produces predominate, although always counterbalanced by those of the opposite force, since the cosmos naturally tends towards an equilibrium state.

So, the cosmic evolutionary ‘role’ of the primarily feminine ‘Jewish’ culture can now be appreciated. Throughout their long history, their function has been to counterbalance the natural dominance of the masculine principle during the long, dark descent era… using whatever methods work for them, however distorted, manipulative or devious.

But in the current turbulent phase of gradual transition into a ‘lighter’ era, that role has become redundant, and worse, a toxic liability, damaging to humankind as a whole, including Jews, as the unfolding disaster in Israel clearly demonstrates.

All the while, the ever-changing balance between the two universal forces is the background to the strains and stresses humanity collectively experiences between its masculine and feminine aspects, and the more familiar ‘duels’ between males and females.

Which brings us back to the polarity that characterises the ‘gun control’ dispute, and to the realisation of how little real communication there often is between people speaking from different levels with different perspectives on the same situation.

And so we have the pro-guns people grimly refusing, at any cost, to submit to the Zionist Federal control cravers, the result being ever more shooting massacres, while both speak in coded language, so that what the gun control battle is really all about remains obscured.

However, with a deeper understanding and an appreciation of the factors involved at the different levels of this challenging situation, practical ways of resolving it can be worked out. Which is not to say that changing deeply ingrained habits and ways of thinking is going to be easy or quick.

But the first priority, if this desperate situation is to be resolved , is to bring to an end the global ‘debt money’ scam that’s behind the funding of much of what’s wrong with this world.


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