Migration: It’s payback time, folks

Why is migration from Poorland to Richland increasing,

despite all the risks?

(Excerpt from Notes from the Threshold, a free PDF from http://www.pathwayinitiatives.co.uk)

There is a glaringly obvious answer to that question, once we start thinking outside the mind-box, that is, beyond the mental programming our particular culture installed in us before we were old enough to realise what was going on. However, since making that mental shift is not encouraged in most contemporary cultures, inertia has prevailed, resulting in much prejudiced, unquestioning, narrow, compromised thinking.

Also, all political leaderships involved in the current migration crisis, in order to divert attention away from their own failures as humans with special responsibilities, focus only on the numbers of migrants here or there or on the move… while criticising one another, building fences and closing borders. That is to say, it’s all ground level, reactive thinking, with little or no overview, insight or wisdom apparent.

So, the already suffering human beings labelled as ‘migrants’ are reduced to numbers of disposable, expendable ‘chips’ in a callous inter-national rivalry game in which each nation tries to dump the problem somewhere else, rather than think it through to a logical solution that would benefit all humanity.

From the Threshold perspective, a rational, practical solution to the world’s fast-growing migration ‘problem’ is possible, once a small but significant proportion of the one human species begins thinking and behaving as mature, balanced adults – instead of passively allowing itself to be divided and ruled, herded like children or cattle into various rival, competing ‘teams’, whether religious, national, local, ethnic or rich/poor etc. So, how to approach this ‘problem’?

The bigger picture

Instead of focusing obsessively and emotionally on the details, ie the numbers, categories and destinations of those human beings on the move (the migrants), it is possible to comprehend the whole process in a simple scientific way. For it’s essentially about gravitation, ie what naturally gravitates towards what, both in the organic and inorganic realms.

The ongoing transition from a cosmic era of descent into matter to one of ascent out of matter is resulting in an increasing fluidity and dissolving of previously rigid barriers, dividing walls, attitudes, habits, traditions and institutions. The shift is also evidenced in the changing balance of influence in the world away from the predominance of the universal masculine principle and towards the feminine. That major change is discussed elsewhere in this work.

In this context, aided by various fast-evolving technologies, the free flow of people, goods and ideas around the planet continues to accelerate. Then there’s the universal tendency in the cosmos towards an equilibrium state between the polar opposite forces of expansion and contraction, ie levity and gravity. And all the while, the universal force of gravity causes less dense objects to be drawn towards centres of greater density.

Therefore, scattered iron filings are drawn towards the organised density of a magnet. And living creatures that are deficient in what they need for a basic, natural, productive life, naturally gravitate towards places where they can satisfy their needs. This is natural migration.

So, given the present extreme imbalances in standards of living across the world, the overall flow in this major re-balancing is bound to increase, despite a few temporary fences being erected here and there. So, how to resolve this problem?

For a start, the motivation of those human beings labelled as ‘migrants’ to emigrate in search of a better life – as immigrants somewhere else – will significantly diminish once their pillaged, plundered, polluted and neglected homeland environments begin to be restored into healthy, productive places. Then, as this vitally necessary work becomes a practical priority for the ‘haves’ of the world, the term migrant will no longer be used as a derogatory label.

That will be a clear sign of humanity maturing into more adult ways – thinking globally and acting locally, healing the whole body/mind/planet, rather than vainly trying to eliminate particular recurring symptoms. To heal a sick body that keeps bleeding from certain damaged parts requires more than just some emergency patching up of the ‘leaks’ and some re-injecting of the escaped blood back into the leaking parts.

History tells us

Historically, the growing ‘crisis’ can be seen as a kind of payback time, consequences, karma, chickens coming home to roost etc for those wealthier nations whose ancestors did the plundering and pillaging. And that especially applies to Western Europe and later North America, whose populations have been living off the stolen wealth ever since, although it has not been distributed in equitable ways. So now, many of the deprived victims are coming to reclaim their share of the benefits.

Meanwhile, blaming people traffickers as convenient scapegoats or blaming abstract notions such as ‘wars’ or ‘poverty’, as politicians and others currently do, is little more than a hypocritical cop-out. For if the basic problems were being addressed, there would be no people trafficking business.

Blaming, in this case, is just a child-like attempt to avoid taking responsibility for the plight of the many human beings around the world forced to live in dire deficiency. Such evasion reveals the compromised mentality of the many divided-and-ruled ‘haves’ worldwide who are as yet unable or unwilling to think beyond their own immediate comfort and fears.

Who’s manipulating the forces?

All of these factors together emphasise the need to understand how a small, ruthlessly selfish minority of humans are continuing to manipulate, control and exploit the rest of humankind for their own pathological partisan purposes – financial and biblical. Which raises the possibility of humankind being steered into a round of self-destructive warring… given that the aim of certain supremacy zealots for global governance includes reducing significantly the number of humans on Earth.

The solution, therefore, lies in humanity realising that it’s time to abandon those divisive descent era institutions, the nation state and all supremacy-preaching religions, while simultaneously abandoning the toxic SCAB ‘debt money’ scam. This direction of practical, effective planning is covered in the One Humanity chapter of this work.

Thus the Threshold perspective offers a clear, simple-in-principle and empowering way to ‘read’ and address the current migration ‘problem’ – which is at root not a migration problem at all. The potential this offers contrasts with the weak and hopelessly confused mentality presently prevailing among all who are trapped in the old descent era mindset.

So, conscious choices about how to proceed towards a long term resolution can now be made by all who are prepared to take on the challenge as mature adult human beings.

The One Humanity chapter in Notes from the Threshold offers a practical vision of how humankind could evolve and  progress naturally beyond its current troubles and limitations.

Notes from the Threshold is available as a PDF free to download from www.pathwayinitiatives.co.uk







Why This Blog Now?

Why this blog now?

Because we, humanity, are now at a critical tipping point, a crossroads, where some crucial decisions have to be made. And if we, as aware and responsible individuals, collectively fail to make these decisions ourselves, then a small minority amongst us, whose motives most of us wouldn’t like at all, will eagerly try to decide our fate for us. And not surprisingly, it’ll be exclusively for their own worldly advantage.

That’s why this blog now.

So, what’s the choice?

The choice is ‘Wake up, grow up and start taking responsibility for the world we’ll be leaving for future generations OR carry on sleepwalking in this semi-hypnotic trance’ – in which case we’ll be herded like cattle into some kind of neo-feudal fascist future, run by a pathologically delusional minority of wannabe big time winners. Right now, the latter outcome appears to be increasingly likely, but is by no means a guaranteed certainty.

Yes, waking up to this kind of choice is difficult. And then following through with making decisions is also difficult.

So, the specific purpose of this blog is to make some powerful and empowering information as widely available as possible. The motivation is that this knowledge brings some much needed overview and insight into how we, humankind, have become such a dysfunctional species despite all our current technological ‘smartness’, and, crucially, how we can start to make our way out of this tangled mess.

That’s why this blog now.

Who’s it for, specifically?

It’s for whoever’s open to receiving some unfamiliar but timeless, basic knowledge about some of the big, deep questions that affect all our lives in greater and lesser ways. It’s for all who are prepared to venture beyond their familiar comfort zones, and to think ‘outside the box’. That is, the mind-box we were each fitted with in the name of education, and which the mass media feed 24/7 with a confusing, incoherent, mind-numbing mixture of programmes.

That’s why this blog now.

Where does this special information come from?

It was unexpectedly gifted to me, the founder of this blog, after a period of some long and deep thinking.  It came from I know not where nor whom, but it was not directly from a person or a book or a video – which is not to imply any religious notions.  The adopted name and title clearsthepath hints at the nature of this work – clearing the path to a deeper and more coherent understanding of this world.

Much work has already gone into making a modest start to this project. But there’s much much more still to be done. The next stage potentially involves everyone and anyone who becomes aware of this knowledge and is ready to work with it. A forward looking practical vision, entitled One Humanity (OH), is outlined in Notes from the Threshold, a free download from www.pathwayinitiatives.co.uk/

That’s why this blog now.

Also, many indicators around the world are telling us that the stage we, humankind, are currently at on our evolutionary journey is our collective adolescence.

What does that mean?

Adolescence is the phase when the child, still showing various infantile tendencies, is physically maturing into adulthood. For many adolescents it’s a phase of much insecurity and anxiety, mixed with excitement and discovery. Thus the emotional volatility, the swinging between extreme states of mind, such as idealism and cynicism, the hyper-sensitivity to how others perceive us and a tendency to over-react to whatever pleases or displeases us at any moment.

It’s the phase when we strive, as self-centred individuals, for independence from parental authority and control, having not yet realised that full adult maturity involves acknowledging our inter-dependence on one another. So, in our collective adolescence we find various relics of our collective infancy still deeply affecting our lives and our world. For example, there’s the obsession with competing to be a winner and defeating those we sense as rivals – which goes back to the infantile and animal phase of establishing one’s place in various pecking orders.

Then there’s our preoccupation with claiming exclusive ownership of material possessions, property and territory – like small children or like animals defending their living space. Yet all the while, our adult minds know full well that nobody actually owns this planet and can therefore realistically claim ownership of any part of its surface. Obviously, growing out of this immature phase is going to take some time, but a positive start is badly needed right away.

That’s why this blog now.

Clears the path? – what path?

The path to a more grown up and sane future for humankind on Earth is littered and obstructed with the debris, relics and damage of a dark era of descent into matter that we could now start to leave behind. That is, once we start to wake up and grow up, as mentioned earlier, but from here on with the benefit of this vital Threshold knowledge that’s presently being made available.

That’s why this blog now.

Some may at first find this kind of thinking discomforting, and immediately feel defensive or hostile towards such unfamiliar and radical ideas as those being referred to here and in Notes from the Threshold. As a consequence, they may prefer to hang on to what advantages they feel they’ve gained under the prevailing status quo, regardless of whether they sense a resonance of truth and integrity with this new but timeless thinking.

Also, being fully adult in mind and body involves taking on the responsibility to help all those not so advanced on the path we’re all treading, each at our own pace, instead of selfishly exploiting those we consider inherently inferior or weaker and therefore OK to exploit.

That’s why this blog now.

This short introduction can only serve as a hint and offer a few clues as to what’s to follow. The basics of this work project have now been assembled and can be found in a few documents – all with Threshold in their titles, the main source being Notes from the Threshold – all on the website www.pathwayinitiatives.co.uk/

That’s why this blog now.