The Trump Splash – reading the ripples

2016: The post-truth age begins
The election of Donald J Trump in 2016 as president of the USA was a significant tipping point in the unfolding of a greater and ongoing transition process. Appreciating the pattern of forces and other factors behind that event requires thinking about world affairs in a way very different from what has long been ‘normal’ in westernised cultures.

In the bigger, cosmic picture, that transition involves a gradual shifting from an era of universal contraction into one of expansion – as this living, conscious, pulsating cosmos tends towards a state of equilibrium, ie balance between those two polar opposite forces.

This balancing act is like an organism continuously adapting its body temperature towards an ideal level between too warm and too cold, or finding the optimum state between being too tense and too relaxed, or between consuming too much salt and too much sugar.

By contrast, swinging between extremes results in a continuous state of imbalance and discontent. To clarify all this, the simple universal principle of polarity is outlined in the next few pages. Meanwhile…

Trump: the image
Trump, already a successful commercial entrepreneur, must at some point in time have fancied himself taking on the starring role in American politics, ie President of the USA. And for that, he needed an appealing package that he could sell to a majority of US voters. So, he smartly adopted an attitude and a range of policies broadly the opposite of what had been the status quo and had by then left a large section of the US electorate deeply disillusioned.

Instead of the existing and failed system of ‘liberal globalisation’ – which in essence amounts to a worldwide, highly rigged, competitive commercial, dog-eats-dog ‘jungle’ – he offered a simplistic, nostalgic kind of old fashioned, conservative, protectionist nationalism. Presented with great enthusiasm, this resonated with many people’s wishful fantasising and longing for a return to the ‘good old days’ when they had steady jobs and felt more secure.

Trump’s basic approach, as a pragmatic, persuasive dealmaker – not a warrior/fighter – is:
‘I’ve got something you want. You’ve got something I want. So, can we make a deal?’
Which has a straightforward, down-to-earth simplicity most people can relate to.

Also in his favour was his celebrity image as a self-financing, successful, self-made billionaire, ie a proven ‘winner’ and a familiar figure on his own popular TV reality show.

Body language reveals…
However, a person’s body language can reveal qualities other than their adopted public image. For example, Trump exhibits classic female/feminine qualities in his delicate hand and finger movements and his pursed, petulant-looking lips – almost as if it were an actress playing the part of an alpha male who’s trying to assert his claim to be ‘top dog’. Meryl Streep, in a short knockabout video send-up, gave a hint of this.

Then there are the secret society/freemasonry implications of his repertoire of hand gestures, which indicate a whole other shadowy behind-the-scenes world of intrigue and deceit.

Also, consistent with his more feminine ways of operating, and behind the strident ‘I’m the man’ posturing, is his choice of colleagues. They seem mostly to be strong, old-style conservative, masculine characters who don’t agree among themselves about various key issues. Which will allow Trump to play one off against another, so that he can divide-and-rule by blaming others for any failings, and take the credit as leader when things go well.

A hyper-sensitive controller, he also constantly keeps everyone guessing as to what he’ll do or say next, by making pronouncements informally through social media. That’s ‘soft power’ in action, ie his feminine aspect or ‘side’. Which at least partly explains his disdain for such masculine, military institutions as NATO and his avoidance of formal press conferences.

In no way a ‘states-man’, he tries to act out the role of a maverick national father figure/leader and protector. So, he has selected certain enemies – as all ‘us versus them’ leaders do – that are supposedly a threat to ‘our security’. In this case, it’s the predominantly ‘Christian’ USA being threatened by the Chinese and Muslims.

Which also happens to suit the agenda of the highly influential Zionist element in the US administration. And so it all fits into a pattern – that is, when the widely known but officially suppressed fact is acknowledged that Zionist Jews currently run most Federal and major commercial affairs from behind the scenes in the USA.

The deeper cultural context here is the three-way tussle between Jews, Muslims and Christians, in which ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’, ie treachery, is the operating principle. Meanwhile, Trump claims unconvincingly to be a supportive friend of Israel and its settlement policy in Palestine, while publicly admiring the president of Russia, a country traditionally hated by Zionists. This is a smart double-dealing piece of divide-and-rule.

So, here we have an assertive, attention-seeking male, but with certain subtle, underlying feminine qualities, characteristic of the now departing, dark, descent  era in human evolving – ie someone who tries to get what he wants through bluffing, blustering and deviously manipulating people and situations.

In this way he has taken the Zionist elite’s cynical methods to a new level. And in the process, he has become a rival, a credible threat to their previously unchallenged behind-the-scenes control of the Federal administration. Also, by adopting a favourable attitude towards the Russian president, he has deeply disturbed the Khazari/Ashkenazi Zionists, who have a longstanding historical grudge against ‘the Russians’.

Psychology: the two universal principles and individual gender
In order to understand better this exceptional character who, for better or worse, is affecting many people’s lives, it’s necessary first to make an important distinction, and that is between:
(a)  the personal, individual gender of each male, female (and other categories), and
(b)  the universal, masculine & feminine principles which together give rise to gender differences, each individual being a unique combination of masculine and feminine qualities:

Failure to appreciate this distinction can result in confusion. For the masculine and feminine principles are expressions of a greater, all-inclusive polarity throughout the cosmos. Such a failure also helps explain why so many media ‘experts’ remain baffled by the Trump phenomenon, and end up passively watching and awaiting his next move, while being led ‘a merry dance’.

Here are just a few of the pairs of dynamic qualities that define this universal pattern.


Coherence behind the incoherence                                                                                                     Awareness of this underlying order makes it easier to appreciate the coherence behind the apparently incoherent tangle of current world affairs. The first thing to realise is that the cosmos is presently in a transitional phase: from a masculine-dominated era of descent into matter towards a more feminine-influenced era of ascent out of matter.

The overall effect of this transition is a shifting away from an imposed, rigid, masculine-style, uniform order towards a more fluid, feminine, accommodating, diverse and fluctuating state of affairs – naturally with many exceptions – as the unstoppable process proceeds.

Evidence of all this can be found, for example, in the discovery by scientists of what has been called the ‘expanding universe’, and in the ever increasing numbers of women worldwide now in eminent positions previously only occupied by men. There’s also the increasing tendency towards ‘winning over hearts and minds’ rather than physically conquering.

The transition is also part of an ongoing detoxing and healing process on Earth, which is bringing to the surface various long buried aspects of humankind’s dark primitive past from the now slowly departing descent into matter era.

Action and reaction
These ‘bigger picture’ changes have triggered a significant political upheaval that has been spreading around the world, despite much confusion and disagreement as to what it’s really all about. Many people are aware that significant changes are happening, yet the unfolding story has so far only been reported by the mainstream media in partial and partisan ways.

Meanwhile, more and more people are relying on social media and particular blogs for their feeds of so-called ‘news and comment’. Thus the worldwide web has become a vast ‘tower of Babel’, with a multitude of discordant ‘voices’, each presenting their own particular perspective and view, many promoting extremely prejudiced and divisive agendas.

Many have reacted against the ‘globalised’ commercialising of just about everything – which is one of the early effects of the transition, ie the shift away from a State-imposed, masculine kind of order and towards a dog-eat-dog marketplace world. Disgusted with the so-called ‘neo-liberal’, selfish greed-driven, money-based politics of ‘It’s the economy, stupid’ – under which the rich get richer and the poor get poorer – they have swung to an opposite and equally unbalanced extreme position. Why?

It’s because lacking any awareness of more enlightened and balanced options, many have opted for what appeared to be the only alternative available that was offering strong, clear leadership. So, as a consequence, humankind is now suffering a temporary relapse back into descent era ways, ie masculine-style, nationalistic, adversarial politics. And that’s despite the increasing number and influence of leading female politicians worldwide.

In the context of this increasingly commercialised and globalised world, many attempts are being made to revive that old and dying, divisive institution known as the nation state. In Notes from the Threshold*, the true nature of the State is sketched out, ie as an elaborate protection racket in which taxes are the protection money demanded by the dominant gang.

Consequently, all over the world ordinary people continue to be the tragic, powerless victims of historic tribal and medieval rivalries. And the way that some of these conflicts become magnified into major geo-political proxy wars, physical and economic, is a reminder of the long term agendas of certain power-lusting factions for global supremacy through dividing-and-ruling the rest of humankind.

Populist politics exposes the democracy delusion
Populist politics is broadly the attempt to harness and exploit the common feelings and attitudes of the majority of a population – ie their general discontent and wishful fantasies. And that overwhelming majority normally consists of those most educationally deprived, and thus least able to discern how their minds are being influenced and manipulated through the ruling elites’ control of the mass media and education systems.

So, populism amounts to a kind of manipulated mob rule, in which the so-called ‘will of the people’ may be little more than a temporarily shared selection of one simplistic option, chosen from a deliberately limited pre-set menu.

In the UK, the 2016 Brexit referendum revealed how widespread and deep discontent with the status quo can be harnessed, at least for a while, into  supporting pretentious, powerless politicians offering simplistic solutions for deep and complex problems.
(See ‘BREXIT 2016: a false choice‘ on the blog

This outcome has encouraged similar political manoeuvres in other countries. But the main mass media story of 2016 was… Trump.

(Q) What’s behind the Trump populist phenomenon? (A) The male backlash                         The cosmos naturally tends towards a state of equilibrium/balance between its two primal forces, contraction and expansion. And in the current but now departing descent era, the universal feminine principle has evolved various ways of counterbalancing the predominance of the masculine principle.

The rise of Showman Trump, as such an instrument of change, is one example of this. So, by highlighting the direct connection between the universal masculine principle and the individual lives of many males worldwide, a pattern amidst the apparent chaos is revealed.

Right now, confused, disempowered men all over the world are trying to come to terms with the cosmic changes that are affecting their everyday lives. Their previously unquestioned assumption of superiority over females is evaporating. And since they don’t know what to do about it – other than angrily lash out in various ways or submit and become depressed – reported incidents of violence, other inhuman atrocities and suicides continue to increase.

In the USA there has simultaneously been a rise to prominence of unorthodox, hard- line conservative, anti-Federal ‘voices’, ie broadcasting personalities, intent on stoking up this discontent in various ways and formats. It remains to be seen whether in the future they’ll just keep on attacking the obvious but superficial financial and Federal establishment figures, or they’ll break the prevailing taboo and explicitly target the secretive Zionist elite who are running things from behind the scenes.

A prime example of this ongoing battle is outlined in the blog article ‘Guns and Money in the USA’ (on which reveals the layers of coded language, politics and finance concealing a basic contest at the interface between humanity’s masculine and feminine principles.

So, for support, Trump has tapped into the widespread frustration and resentment of the many disillusioned and angry males in the USA, as they react to the unstoppable transition from a world predominantly influenced by the masculine principle towards one more influenced by the feminine. And all the while he’s been feeding their their nostalgic fantasies and desperate longing for some ‘success’ in their lives with words of sympathy and promises of a return to the days of American ‘greatness’.

Thus his often repeated, simplistic, ‘dog whistle’ slogans and promises, which are attuned to those sentiments and serve as bait… just like in advertising and propaganda campaigns.

Yet, in the longer view of the bigger picture, he is actually hastening the decline of the universal masculine principle and the rise of the universal feminine principle, which itself is still mired by the toxic and distorting effects of the departing descent era.

Who are Papa State and Mama SCAB?
On the ground, the basic ‘Trump effect’ is clearly a disrupting of the status quo. And that status quo has long been a world dominated by an unwholesome alliance which has been symbolically portrayed in a blog article entitled ‘The Loveless Marriage of Convenience: Papa State and Mama SCAB are still running the show’ on

The ‘marriage’ is between Papa State, symbolically representing the world’s nation states (masculine), and Mama SCAB, representing the global Syndicate of Central and Arch-Banks (feminine). The arch-banks are the IMF, World Bank and BIS (Bank for International Settlements, the central bank of the central banks).

Papa State and Mama SCAB are expressions of the universal masculine and feminine principles, and these two principles are aspects of the two primal cosmic forces, contracting gravity and expanding levity.

So, SCAB is a private, profit-driven, Zionist-controlled, global financial business, the very existence of which is, unsurprisingly, a strictly taboo subject in the SCAB-controlled mainstream news media. It can be likened to a spider, with the three arch-banks at the centre of a worldwide web of central banks.

The Zionist elite themselves are a surviving relic of certain strands of humankind that date back to medieval and to ancient biblical times. For Jewish history has been traced way back to a prehistoric and predominantly feminine Hebrew culture, featuring goddesses. And that connects with the continuing matrilineal tradition which decrees that to be an authentic Jew, you must have a Jewish mother.

The destiny of the Jews
The Threshold perspective reveals a whole other dimension to the ‘Jewish problem’, regarding the ‘bigger picture’ function of the Jewish tradition and its destiny. It reveals how at this crucial tipping point for Jewish culture there is choice of options for Jews and Zionists, given that not all Jews are Zionists:
(a)  carry on as now and end up as insignificant, poor, persecuted, powerless victims, OR
(b)  become significant agents of change for the betterment of life on Earth for all humankind, just as Trump is serving as an instrument of change through disruption.

That means no longer claiming to be God’s favoured, privileged, ‘chosen’ people, but instead using their rich cultural experience and talents with a wholly different motivation.
This theme is sketched out in Notes from the Threshold*. And a key quote from that work is:

“From the Threshold pespective, with its unique overview and insight, the cosmic function of the predominantly feminine Jewish culture has been to provide a counterbalancing force to the predominantly masculine character of the descent era world. But now, in the current transition out of the descent era, that disruptive role has become redundant.”

The less publicised context of the 2016 Trump phenomenon is revealed in the following:

The Invention of the Jewish People (2007) by Professor of History at Tel Aviv University, Shlomo Sand, questions the very existence of an authentic ‘Jewish’ identity.
The Controversy of Zion in which mid-20th century political journalist for the London Times newspaper, Douglas Reed, thoroughly researched the history of Zionism up till then.                                                                                                                                                                     – The International Jew by Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motors, examined the extent of the Jewish financiers’ takeover of business in the USA already back in the 1920s.

Mama SCAB rules – so long as the addiction to ‘debt money’ persists
In the current phase of world disorder, the greed-driven aims and interests of the predominantly feminine financial institutions have been increasingly overriding the authority of the predominantly masculine nation states and their ruling elites. And that’s despite various regressive lurches back towards descent era masculine dictatorship and tyranny.

When these backward steps occur, ruling elites usually justify their status and privileged positions with promises of security, stability and protection from so-called ‘terrorists’, ‘insurgents’ or other enemies of one kind or another – as Trump is predictably doing.

And in the resulting treacherous alliances between authoritarian state governments and the unaccountable global financial syndicate, the foundations are laid for the emergence of a new global, neo-feudal, fascist regime whose aim is to reduce to a manageable size the number of  humans on Earth.

This would enable it to control the herded masses of disempowered, disillusioned, submissive humans by cleverly setting them against one another – as expendable, disposable slaves, fighters and gambling chips in the power games between different rival factions.

And so, the post-truth age begins
…with the disintegrating of the old, inertia-bound, rigid, uniform, masculine world order of the descent era, along with its straight lines and top-down command systems. The worldwide web now enables an infinite multiplicity of perspectives, opinions, prejudices and untruths to be presented as ‘true’ by just about anyone.

And this heralds a transitional spell of chaotic, short-term unpredictability and confusion. That is, until clear signs of the ascent out of matter era start to show – in a deeper, intuitive kind of knowing that’s shared by a small but significant proportion of humankind.                                                                                                                                                       Meanwhile, the ease with which the overwhelming majority of humankind has long been misled and tricked with lies, deceit and threats indicates how successful the existing education systems and mass media corporations have been – that is, successful at keeping people ignorant, fearful, discontented and greedy, ie ‘divided and ruled’… such that few today know how to question the status quo in any depth.

And that’s a measure how effective the toxic partnership of the domineering Papa State and the controlling Mama SCAB has been throughout the era of descent into matter.

Unintended consequences
In the USA, that policy of cultural deprivation was also inadvertently setting the stage for the opportunistic actor-manager/showman Trump to step into the spotlight and seize the  initiative. He seized it from the Jewish/Zionist syndicate who have long been running the show from behind the scenes, but became overconfident of their ability to continue  controlling the world through their monopoly control of the world’s money supply.

At the public ‘auditions’ he elbowed his way to a central position at the front of the stage, playing an old traditional role, but in an extreme way not seen before. The outcome was that a majority of the audience enjoyed his performance and voted for him.

So, although he was not the principal actor the sponsors had in mind for the next season, they now had to find a way to  accommodate and control him… or somehow have him removed were he to prove a serious threat to their long-term plans.

But it was already too late for them to recover their previous degree of control. The fragility of their long-running scam – achieved through clever, deceitful money manipulation – was exposed. There was no way back, because what’s once known cannot be un-known.

Also, although Trump’s style appears to be unsubtle, he is actually using subtle feminine ways, guaranteed to confuse the media experts and academics who only understand the ‘game’ as it used to be played, ie under the old and now abandoned ‘rules’ and conventions.

A new kind of dictatorship
Trump’s attempt to govern by arbitrary presidential Executive Orders – presented as ‘decisive leadership’ – is replacing the previous pretence of so-called ‘parliamentary democracy’. Consequently, what is emerging is a new kind of dictatorship, officially validated by a rigged political and electoral system that’s easily manipulable through mass media mind control.

Furthermore, Trump’s various personal failings, untruths and flaws have proved not to be a problem to his followers and sympathisers, who paradoxically consider him more ‘authentic’ and relatively less fake and corrupt than the familiar breed of politicians.

In terms of the normal political games of winners and losers, he has, in a sense, already won. How? Because if his simplistic promises do not work out as intended and his ambitious agenda is not delivered, any failing will be the fault of other people whom he can blame.

Meanwhile, his impulsive Twitter diplomacy and instant tweeting about whatever’s on his mind at any moment has thrown officialdom and the established, slower reacting mass media into confusion about how to respond to his highly personal ‘running commentary’ style.

Performing in his own chosen arena, he has gained the initiative and thus a considerable advantage over all others. Therefore, the most effective way to overcome his dominance, assuming he’s allowed to carry on the way he has started, will be to attack him and his colleagues on another level altogether.

But that involves transcending the whole trivial ‘game’ of national and international politics, as it’s presently played. The One Humanity section of Notes from the Threshold* offers a radically different and transcendent approach to this whole subject.

The business of governing
Trump, as a much-vaunted businessman, started his political career in 2016 by outsmarting the Jewish financial elite. Significantly, they too are an expression of the universal feminine principle, with their subtle, manipulative ways, although still predominantly male in personnel.

Given that they own the deceitfully named Federal Reserve central bank – which is not a Federal institution – they are able to control the ‘news industry’ in which, unsurprisingly, no public questioning of that fact is allowed. And it’s their behind-the-scenes control of US Federal government affairs that accounts for the popular wordplay expression ‘JewSA’.

Trump is also proposing massive Federal state spending on various infrastructure projects, requiring huge borrowing on top of the US national debt which already runs to trillions of dollars. Thus he is counter-bluffing the Jewish Federal Reserve elite, who currently control the US money supply through a huge financial bluff, ie a confidence trick, of their own.

As if playing a game of poker, his political spending scam/gambit is, in effect, challenging their long-running financial scam. He’s testing whether they would dare to block his popular job-creating plans. It’s a high risk strategy because that scheme would inevitably expand the US national/public debt to an even more ‘unreal’ level – given that already, mathematically, it can never be repaid because of the interest that has been accruing.

SCAB still rules – just about
And therein lies a clue as to why interest rates have now fallen so low – with the previously unthinkable prospect of them even going ‘negative’ – ie lenders paying interest to borrowers. It’s because the global Syndicate of Central and Arch-Banks, of which the US Federal Reserve is the North American ‘branch’, would simply collapse and cease to exist, should the world’s present money and banking system fail.

And given that all major banks are now technically insolvent, such a collapse is never far from occurring. Should it happen, that would mark the end of major Jewish influence and control in world affairs, as well as the demise of the Jewish State of Israel in Palestine. So, SCAB simply cannot ‘afford’ to let that happen… and Trump is aware of this fragility.

Also, SCAB‘s confidence trick of debt money only works so long as enough people agree to participate. Therefore, once a significant minority realise that the world doesn’t have to operate that way, other options appear in the menu – one of which is the radical yet practical, long term, visionary One Humanity proposal, already mentioned.

In the last resort, if the Zionists feel that their position of control over the USA Federal administration is being threatened, there is always the JFK option. This refers to how JFK was assassinated soon after making the first moves, in Executive Order 11110, towards replacing the Zionist Federal Reserve’s debt money with new money, free from their control.

A more likely fate for Trump would be his symbolic ‘death by a thousand cuts’, inflicted by the numerous Zionists and their dependent supporters in the administration and media.

The insanity of the current status quo is why these matters are publicly referred to only in obscure, coded language and jargon that the general public can’t understand, and so don’t question. If a significant number of people were to grasp what’s going on, trust in ‘the authorities’, both State and private, would diminish to even lower levels than at present.

Regarding Jews, Trump has chosen to favour the upfront, aggressive, masculine, political Zionists who presently govern Israel, over the more subtle, feminine, manipulative, behind-the-scenes, financial Zionists of the Federal Reserve… to whom he is a rival and a threat to their prized position of superiority and control. Another smart piece of ‘divide and rule’.

And while he’s playing the Jews off against the officially ‘Christian’ establishment in the USA,  there’s also his controversially sympathetic attitude towards Russia and its leadership. This goes against the long term antagonism towards Russia by Ashkenazi Jews… because they are descendants of the Khazars who lived in Khazaria, now approximately Ukraine, when it was conquered in the 10th century by what is now Russia. Another subtly divisive Trump tactic.

What if…?
Which raises the question: What happens if this ‘one man show’, Donald J Trump, suddenly ceases to be president… for whatever reason? For that would create a significant vacuum.

But for now, he has been legally elected under the existing constitutional set-up, Which itself has long been controlled, through hidden networks, by those who wield the greatest financial and media power. He’s in place, centre stage, playing President. He has called their bluff, exposing their vulnerability and that of the whole system… and their response is awaited.

All of which is making the eventual dismantling of the whole deeply flawed world system potentially easier. That is, once humankind collectively grows out of its troubled adolescent phase and starts to think beyond its currently limited menu of options… given that this episode is just one short chapter, and the main characters will soon be replaced by others.

In summary: Trump’s (unconscious) role in the bigger picture
Trump’s function in the bigger picture is viewed here from the Threshold perspective, a worldview elaborated in Notes from the Threshold*. A key factor in the whole situation is the universal cosmic tendency towards a state of equilibrium between the two complementary polar opposite forces, contracting gravity and expanding levity, which find living expression as the universal masculine and feminine principles, and then as Papa State and Mama SCAB.

In the current phase of transition from a masculine-dominated era of descent into matter towards a more feminine era of ascent out of matter, a male person is still more likely to be an effective instrument of major social change than a female.

So, as a populist male celebrity/personality, Donald J Trump is unconsciously serving the universal feminine principle. His main function is to help move human evolution along in ways that will disrupt and bring to an end, sooner rather than later, the toxic regime of Papa State and Mama SCAB. He is loosening their rigid, arthritic grip which is stifling the natural evolving of human consciousness.

Another major problem of mass mind manipulation and indoctrination – ie fear-driven, unquestioning religious belief – is being addressed in other ways. So, a key question is:
‘How bad do things have to become before humankind awakens from its sleepwalking and starts to grow out of its troubled adolescence?

And one person not to ask is Donald J Trump.

*Notes from the Threshold is a free-to-download pdf at