Migration: It’s payback time, folks

Why is migration from Poorland to Richland increasing,

despite all the risks?

(Excerpt from Notes from the Threshold, a free PDF from http://www.pathwayinitiatives.co.uk)

There is a glaringly obvious answer to that question, once we start thinking outside the mind-box, that is, beyond the mental programming our particular culture installed in us before we were old enough to realise what was going on. However, since making that mental shift is not encouraged in most contemporary cultures, inertia has prevailed, resulting in much prejudiced, unquestioning, narrow, compromised thinking.

Also, all political leaderships involved in the current migration crisis, in order to divert attention away from their own failures as humans with special responsibilities, focus only on the numbers of migrants here or there or on the move… while criticising one another, building fences and closing borders. That is to say, it’s all ground level, reactive thinking, with little or no overview, insight or wisdom apparent.

So, the already suffering human beings labelled as ‘migrants’ are reduced to numbers of disposable, expendable ‘chips’ in a callous inter-national rivalry game in which each nation tries to dump the problem somewhere else, rather than think it through to a logical solution that would benefit all humanity.

From the Threshold perspective, a rational, practical solution to the world’s fast-growing migration ‘problem’ is possible, once a small but significant proportion of the one human species begins thinking and behaving as mature, balanced adults – instead of passively allowing itself to be divided and ruled, herded like children or cattle into various rival, competing ‘teams’, whether religious, national, local, ethnic or rich/poor etc. So, how to approach this ‘problem’?

The bigger picture

Instead of focusing obsessively and emotionally on the details, ie the numbers, categories and destinations of those human beings on the move (the migrants), it is possible to comprehend the whole process in a simple scientific way. For it’s essentially about gravitation, ie what naturally gravitates towards what, both in the organic and inorganic realms.

The ongoing transition from a cosmic era of descent into matter to one of ascent out of matter is resulting in an increasing fluidity and dissolving of previously rigid barriers, dividing walls, attitudes, habits, traditions and institutions. The shift is also evidenced in the changing balance of influence in the world away from the predominance of the universal masculine principle and towards the feminine. That major change is discussed elsewhere in this work.

In this context, aided by various fast-evolving technologies, the free flow of people, goods and ideas around the planet continues to accelerate. Then there’s the universal tendency in the cosmos towards an equilibrium state between the polar opposite forces of expansion and contraction, ie levity and gravity. And all the while, the universal force of gravity causes less dense objects to be drawn towards centres of greater density.

Therefore, scattered iron filings are drawn towards the organised density of a magnet. And living creatures that are deficient in what they need for a basic, natural, productive life, naturally gravitate towards places where they can satisfy their needs. This is natural migration.

So, given the present extreme imbalances in standards of living across the world, the overall flow in this major re-balancing is bound to increase, despite a few temporary fences being erected here and there. So, how to resolve this problem?

For a start, the motivation of those human beings labelled as ‘migrants’ to emigrate in search of a better life – as immigrants somewhere else – will significantly diminish once their pillaged, plundered, polluted and neglected homeland environments begin to be restored into healthy, productive places. Then, as this vitally necessary work becomes a practical priority for the ‘haves’ of the world, the term migrant will no longer be used as a derogatory label.

That will be a clear sign of humanity maturing into more adult ways – thinking globally and acting locally, healing the whole body/mind/planet, rather than vainly trying to eliminate particular recurring symptoms. To heal a sick body that keeps bleeding from certain damaged parts requires more than just some emergency patching up of the ‘leaks’ and some re-injecting of the escaped blood back into the leaking parts.

History tells us

Historically, the growing ‘crisis’ can be seen as a kind of payback time, consequences, karma, chickens coming home to roost etc for those wealthier nations whose ancestors did the plundering and pillaging. And that especially applies to Western Europe and later North America, whose populations have been living off the stolen wealth ever since, although it has not been distributed in equitable ways. So now, many of the deprived victims are coming to reclaim their share of the benefits.

Meanwhile, blaming people traffickers as convenient scapegoats or blaming abstract notions such as ‘wars’ or ‘poverty’, as politicians and others currently do, is little more than a hypocritical cop-out. For if the basic problems were being addressed, there would be no people trafficking business.

Blaming, in this case, is just a child-like attempt to avoid taking responsibility for the plight of the many human beings around the world forced to live in dire deficiency. Such evasion reveals the compromised mentality of the many divided-and-ruled ‘haves’ worldwide who are as yet unable or unwilling to think beyond their own immediate comfort and fears.

Who’s manipulating the forces?

All of these factors together emphasise the need to understand how a small, ruthlessly selfish minority of humans are continuing to manipulate, control and exploit the rest of humankind for their own pathological partisan purposes – financial and biblical. Which raises the possibility of humankind being steered into a round of self-destructive warring… given that the aim of certain supremacy zealots for global governance includes reducing significantly the number of humans on Earth.

The solution, therefore, lies in humanity realising that it’s time to abandon those divisive descent era institutions, the nation state and all supremacy-preaching religions, while simultaneously abandoning the toxic SCAB ‘debt money’ scam. This direction of practical, effective planning is covered in the One Humanity chapter of this work.

Thus the Threshold perspective offers a clear, simple-in-principle and empowering way to ‘read’ and address the current migration ‘problem’ – which is at root not a migration problem at all. The potential this offers contrasts with the weak and hopelessly confused mentality presently prevailing among all who are trapped in the old descent era mindset.

So, conscious choices about how to proceed towards a long term resolution can now be made by all who are prepared to take on the challenge as mature adult human beings.

The One Humanity chapter in Notes from the Threshold offers a practical vision of how humankind could evolve and  progress naturally beyond its current troubles and limitations.

Notes from the Threshold is available as a PDF free to download from www.pathwayinitiatives.co.uk







Introducing: Mama SCAB

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In 1694 the Bank of England was set up as banker to the then Kingdom of Great Britain,

an event seen by some as the handing over of English sovereignty to a group of financiers.

That, in effect, created the kind of monopolistic institution now known as a central bank.

Later the Rothschild family business moved in and set up other branches across Europe,

and in the mid 20th century established three arch-banks: the World Bank, IMF and BIS.

This financial empire thus became the global syndicate of central and arch-banks, SCAB,

or Mama SCAB because, from the Threshold perspective,

                                   it’s an expression of humankind’s feminine aspect from the descent era.                                                (see Notes from the Threshold at http://www.pathwayinitiatives.co.uk)

Mama SCAB, in cartoon imagery, is the spider whose enticing global web of debt money

entraps the separate, competing nation states, sucks them dry and leaves them depleted.

And it’s her IMF that issues the currency called SDRs, Special Drawing Rights,

that’s used for financial transactions between nation states –

one more way in which the world has become ever more indebted to,

dependent on and controlled by Mama SCAB.

Papa State

In this work Papa State is a symbolic figure representing the archetypal nation state,

so-called because it’s essentially an expression of humanity’s masculine aspect,

a domineering ‘father figure’ from the descent into matter era.

His many symbolic ‘sons’ are the world’s nation states,

each with its own bit of territory and a population to control and exploit….

…So, an ongoing mutually interdependent partnership can be recognised

between the masculine nation state and the feminine central banking syndicate, SCAB,

which has a (daughter) branch lodged within the territory of almost every nation state…

and the couple are seen symbolically as locked into a loveless marriage of convenience

in which Mama is increasingly in control saince she controls the world’s money supply.

Thus the ongoing adversarial tension between them,

as Papa State tries to exert his dwindling power and authority over Mama SCAB

who is continuously undermining and subtly sabotaging his efforts.

…The context is a world in which humankind has become addicted to

and dependent on Mama SCAB‘s ‘debt money’,

as she sits like a spider in the middle of her worldwide web of debt.

And Papa State‘s many symbolic sons, the nation states of the world,

are always in rivalry with one another and requiring more of Mama‘s money

to fund their extravagant lifestyles and wars…

However, Mama, although in control, still needs the status and protection

that only Papa State can provide.

So, she marries off each of her symbolic daughters, the central banks of the world,

to one of his sons… to lodge in that state’s territory

and control things there for her from behind the scenes.

The exception to this pattern is the jewish State of Israel

which, through a bit of dot-joining and inferring, 

appears to be sponsored and funded by SCAB

Excerpts from Notes from the Threshold & The Threshold Perspective Dialogues

Now almost all money worldwide is issued in the form of interest-bearing loans by the central bank in each country, to whom it is all ultimately owed. The world, in effect, operates on debt money, through loans, mortgages, card credit etc. Only a tiny percentage of the total money supply today is created free from debt, and that’s the physical notes and coins still issued,  interest-free, directly by nation states.                                                                                       from Notes from the Threshold                                                                                                                                             


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Here’s an extract from The Threshold Perspective Dialogues. (The protagonist addresses the investigator as “doctor” in a semi-humorous way.)

 “…Think about it – just about everywhere in the world, people are struggling and squabbling about what they’re told, and believe, is a ‘shortage of money’. Yet no one is asking why, how come or where does this non-existent, imaginary stuff come from, or who produces it and controls its supply into the world. It’s certainly not governments, since they’re all struggling with their own long term debt and budget deficit problems.

And you don’t have to be a mathematical genius to understand the basic trick. If SCAB lends £100 into the world at 5% per annum interest, then at the end of that year £105 will be owed to SCAB – that is, £5 more than the £100 that was put in. Multiply that process up into the trillions lent over several centuries, and it becomes obvious how the world has run up a vast amount of debt that’s mathematically impossible to repay and is ultimately owed to SCAB… whose clever divide-and-rule trick has been to keep all individuals, groups and nations competing against one another – all too pre-occupied with money ‘games’ to realise that they’re the exploited victims of a huge global scam.

…So this is the moment when the dark, murky secrets of Mama SCAB need to be revealed – not out of any malice or vindictiveness, but simply for the future wellbeing of humankind. For a start, one major deception that’s complicitly perpetuated by all the media experts could be ended instantly, and that is the pretence that the various SCAB institutions, such as the IMF and all the central banks, are somehow separate, independent organisations…

…But about money, there can’t be many areas of life on Earth today where ‘not enough money’ isn’t a daily concern. That’s because just about everything nowadays gets translated into money terms, and so everything has its price tag. Why? How come? Well, this has been  one of SCAB‘s major propaganda successes – tricking humanity into believing that we need money just like we need air and water… a delusion reinforced daily through the world’s mass media and education systems.

Yet money doesn’t exist. It’s one of the great illusions, one of the great scams of human history – how the basic, practical idea of money was long ago hi-jacked by devious moneylenders… and how the present make-believe ‘money scores’ game has been exploited to keep humanity fearful and greedy, in a permanent attitude of rivalry and thus distracted, so that ruling elites can carry on with their privileged lifestyles. How can there be real shortages of something that doesn’t exist? It’s all in the mind, isn’t it, doctor?”

If you say so. Now please continue.

“There is a fairly clear and concise explanation of this in Notes from the Threshold, so I won’t go over it all now… except to say that it’s also the key to one of the major conundrums of our time: how there can be an abundance of food and other basic resources in the world, yet so many people struggling to survive in conditions of dire deficiency… how there can be such a gaping divide between the tiny minority, the one percent living way in excess of real need and the vast majority deprived of the essentials for a basic decent life.

It’s because most people are still unquestioning victims of the money trick. And you don’t have to be familiar with all the nuts and bolts mechanics of how it’s done to realise you’re being deceived. And when the trick is further exploited… ie when SCAB and its associates seize land and property from debtors who can no longer pay the ever-accumulating interest due, this amounts to legalised larceny and fraud. And, remember, this is the seizing of real assets in place of ‘pretend money’ debts, originally created out of nothing… like the Greek State in 2011 being pressurised to sell off various ‘national assets’ cheaply to Mama SCAB‘s IMF and others. Which makes these ‘banksters’ a newer kind of land-grabbing aristocrats who consider themselves superior human beings, somehow deserving of a life of excessive wealth, privileges and authority.

In simple terms, this is why Mama SCAB wants the world to eat, sleep and breathe money, ie to remain addicted to it… because the more money the world borrows from her, the richer and more powerful she becomes… as long as enough people continue to play along with this global scam, for fear of being punished one way or another. Thus you have all her media stooges and the rating agencies obediently complying with her demands… and speaking her ‘monetising’ jargon, which then shapes how the general public think as she outwits the masculine sovereign state politicians in this perverse ongoing double act.”

So, what would you suggest as a viable plan for the post-money era?

“Well, first we need to focus on how the present corrupt money system operates, what needs short-term fixing to make it fair and just. Then it’s a matter of what longer-term redesigning is required to meet humanity’s real needs. …instead of continuing to feed the selfish greed continuously stoked up by the media outpouring of propaganda supporting SCAB‘s dark agenda? So, going back to your question, the only tendency I have that’s anything like an obsession regarding money is a fascination with the psychology of how easily people can deceive themselves, be deceived and keep deceiving others. There you go. I’d better stop there, hadn’t I?…

…I don’t know if you’ve ever considered this, but every time you use your credit card to pay for something, you’re increasing the world’s supply of ‘debt money’… which is ultimately owed to Mama SCAB, as each debt and the interest due on it filters through various layers of financial institutions back to the mother source herself. Thus the devious and calculating Mama SCAB has contrived for herself this pivotal position. And although she’s well past her prime, her unlimited wealth means she can employ others to run the business for her.

So Mama SCAB continues to divide and rule by keeping everyone competing – both as individuals and in rival groups everywhere. Also, financing both sides in a war is an extremely profitable business – when they’re too busy fighting each other or clearing up the aftermath to bother about how they’re both being manipulated. Apparently, other highly profitable investments for SCAB included financing the ‘communist’ revolutions of the 20th century, which were followed by massive borrowing just to keep the new regimes’ going. Which re-defines ‘communism’ and ‘socialism’ – at least in Russia and China – as forms of ‘state capitalism’, with their governments controlled behind the scenes by the central bank lodged in their territory.

The ‘Taxpayer’

…However, once you see the state as a protection racket and taxes as its protection money, ‘the taxpayer’ appears as an exploited victim… especially when you think of all the wealthy individuals and set-ups paying accountants to help them avoid paying taxes. So the taxpayers’ money is not what most people assume it to be, ie wealth held and used by the state on behalf of its taxpaying citizens… because it’s already owed to SCAB‘s central bank in that country. And it’s only by keeping the mass of humanity ignorant of all this that SCAB‘s global money scam continues to prosper. The governors of central banks, meanwhile, are treated by the media like high priests of finance, supposedly committed to serving the best interests of each state and its taxpaying public… when that’s not at all their actual agenda, which is to serve SCAB’s long term aims.

SCAB’s long term aims

Significantly, during the 2008 financial crisis, certain eminent UK politicians, including the future prime minister, clamoured for the Bank of England to be given even more control and power. Which raised the question whether this was done out of naive ignorance and faith in an old established institution, or a cynical manoeuvre to win favour with SCAB… whose ongoing policy is always to get more of humanity deeper in debt… to SCAB.”

from The Threshold Perspective Dialogues

BBC’s wall-to-wall capitalism promos

In the UK, from the 1980s the BBC dedicated more and more broadcasting time to financial, commercial and economic affairs… and this development was no accident. It coincided with Britain’s rapidly increasing national debt – owed to the Bank of England, ie SCAB, whose status, profits and influence were thus raised. The 2007 credit crunch then greatly intensified media attention on big-time finance,uch that the wall-to-wall coverage amounted to a major propaganda blitz… promoting capitalism… and therefore indirectly, SCAB. And implicit throughout all this, one unmistakable message was being delivered: All major challenges confronting humanity have to be addressed and evaluated in terms of money, ie within the warped logic of economics, the creed of capitalism… and for one simple reason: this boosts the profits and prestige of SCAB.

And when it’s needed, who’s got the (imaginary) money?

By 2008 it was crisis time worldwide… and the stresses were apparent at the fault line of the uneasy alliance between the global financing Jews and the state-based Christians… while Muslims were making their powerful presence felt on the world stage in other ways. Sovereign debt crises were humiliating states that could no longer ‘afford’ to ‘self-govern’, because of the mounting interest due on their debts – ultimately owed to SCAB. So, against the ideals of ‘free market’ capitalism, there was only one option left available. To save its own global empire and the world from immediate financial ‘meltdown’, SCAB conjured up, out of nothing, vast quantities of money to feed into the global system, as interest-bearing loans, in order to ease the situation. This ‘massive dose’ fix was called ‘quantitative easing’, aka ‘printing money’. Which is also why, in economics jargon, central banks are called the ‘lenders of last resort’. Feeding in this mergency sustenance created that instant but false sense of confidence which is always followed sooner or later by trouble, when the short-term effect wears off.

Austerity or growth stimulus? The bogus debate’

By 2010, there was a clear division of opinion amongst economics experts regarding how best to avoid another major economic downturn, prevent high inflation and achieve some stability and a lasting global recovery. The question was, which option offered the best solution: (a) the American-led short-term approach: to stimulate economies back into growth by increasing State spending, but thereby further increase the already vast public debt owed to the local branch of SCAB, eg the Federal Reserve… OR (b) the European-led longer-term approach: to impose severe austerity programmes, in order to reduce indebtedness to SCAB sooner and so be paying less interest, but at the risk of damping down any economic recovery.

Stimulus essentially represents expansion, while austerity causes contraction. But seen from the Threshold, this was just a media-hyped, academic distraction, a bogus debate, since the ‘either-or’ question was based on a false choice: Pay later or pay sooner, but either way, suffer the consequences, ie you pay and lose – because SCAB wins either way, given its controlling position as the world’s money supplier. Not on the menu was the option of creating a more sane and fair global set-up. So, the citizen/taxpayers were left to squabble and complain among themselves – like children whose pocket money has been reduced, but who don’t dare to or know how to question the authority of their parents, so as find out why there’s less money available.

The austerity con: a step towards a new feudalism

The Threshold view highlights a sometimes overlooked fact concerning money: During economic ‘downturns’ the total wealth in existence doesn’t actually diminish. It’s merely redistributed, with the result that many get poorer and a few get much richer. So, advance notice about money supply policy would be very useful for those few. When a downturn is imminent, they can sell quick. Then, when prices have fallen, they can buy back cheap, so that at the next upturn, selling at a higher price will produce a profit, a win. Meanwhile, the bewildered onlookers, the ‘losers’, are told that it’s austerity time, and that ‘We’re all in this together’, despite the rich-poor gap widening ever further.

The fact is that when a government claims that there’s of a ‘shortage of money’ and various austerity measures are required, that so-called ‘shortage’ does not directly correspond to any real scarcity in the world. It’s just that the supply of money has been restricted by the central bank, as part of its relentless push to maximise profits and maintain its dominance. However, to let this crucial fact become public knowledge would be an embarrassment, an admission that the weakened State is at the mercy of the global loan shark, SCAB. So it’s quietly ignored and, as a distraction, the experts argue endlessly about details. This is like the famous psychology experiment involving the ‘invisible gorilla’, in which people’s attention is so focussed on counting throws in a ball game that they fail to notice a gorilla walking right through the middle and waving.

From the Threshold, the austerity con can be seen as a step towards a new feudalism. By drastically purging the so-called ‘public sector’, which is not the core State, the elite few can extend their dominance over the disempowered many. The professional middle classes can thus be reduced down to a minimum sufficient to support the elite’s lifestyle, while remaining governable, ie disempowered, compliant and unquestioning – a prospect most current ‘winners’ would prefer not to contemplate. Meanwhile, governments will claim that tax increases and State spending ‘cuts’ are ‘fair’, ‘progressive’ and necessary for an imagined ‘recovery’.

The pyramid survives

So the current established order of authority, wealth and privilege is maintained, which means the pyramid-shaped hierarchy as a whole remains intact – whether SCAB increases or decreases the money supply. The elite minority stay at the top, playing high stakes poker; the deprived masses are kept down at the bottom, tempted with lottery prizes; and at the mid-levels, fraught games of aspirational snakes and ladders are played out. Meanwhile, the curses of inflation and deflation are held up as threats to people’s wealth, with biflation as the simultaneous inflating of commodity prices such as foodstuffs, and the deflating of wages and the jobs market… which widens the rich-poor gap.

And so this insanity continues unchallenged, as if an essential condition of life on Earth… until the middle class ‘ex-winners’ rise above the madness and start to think ‘beyond’. Which is where the soon to be explained One Humanity project becomes relevant.

from Notes from the Threshold

“…At the moment, SCAB sets the agenda that says ‘global finance overrides national politics’ or, as someone else put it, ‘All profits are being privatised and all losses socialised.’ Which basically says that SCAB is manipulating things such that her favoured financiers keep winning – through all kinds of subtle assistance, such as artificially low borrowing rates which enable them to speculate irresponsibly, ie virtually risk-free… and then, if their bets fail, getting bailed out by states with money ultimately borrowed from SCAB and raised through taxes collected from ordinary people. Meanwhile, the favoured speculators are kept immune from any significant official state punishment for their fraudulent misdeeds.

This is all part of preparing humanity for an imminent direct experience of powerlessness… when the global governance plan of SCAB and her collaborators for a single world currency leading to a dictatorial world government would be implemented. So at present we’ve got the US economy being weakened by the day – despite the illusion of rising stock values which only reflect the increasing wealth of the ‘winning’ minority – and the Euro-zone disintegrating through so called ‘contagion’, ie one ‘weakest link’ state after another falling victim to the plague of speculators who bet to win on on states crashing financially. All of which causes widespread uncertainty and fear of bankruptcy and defaults. I did say her fingerprints are everywhere, didn’t I?.

So it’s all approaching a crucial point where the credibility of the world’s money system is being severely tested – as sovereign debts, which are all ultimately owed to SCAB, are now reaching critical levels beyond which they become mathematically unrepayable because of the ever-increasing interest due. Meanwhile, SCAB‘s mass media dependents obediently make no mention of her death-grip on sovereign states. So this remains ‘off the radar’, as far as the general public’s concerned… as she bamboozles the world by speaking in different tongues through, for example, her IMF, her ECB and other central banks.

So, what kind of mass insanity is all this, given that money is only imaginary, and SCAB’s debt money system is essentially a devious, complex device for controlling humanity in a pathologically self-interested way? And what to do about it?

Well, for a start, this debt money, a dangerous relic left over from the descent era, is now such a toxic threat to life on Earth, that it needs to be eliminated as soon as possible. And any new global set-up also has to reconcile the more masculine, domineering qualities of Confucian China, North Korea and the Arab world with the more manipulative feminine interests behind the now redundant capitalist mindset.

So, along with all the other practical changes proposed in the OH vision, it has to be the end of divisive, territorial sovereign states, each defending their patch’ and imaginary wealth… and the end of SCAB‘s debt money system which is dependent on keeping the world divided in conflict so as to keep profiting from this. That’s what to do about it first, since you ask.

I’ll ask you a blunt question. Why do you seem to be focussing so much on Jews and money?

Because until the great money scam, with all the corruption and conflict it’s causing worldwide, is effectively cleansed, humanity will sink deeper and deeper into long term trouble. This is about how the original usefulness of money – as a standard measure and store of value and a convenient means of exchange – was hi-jacked and corrupted as usury, ie moneylending for profit by charging interest. And as money began to be treated as a commodity itself, this activity became formalised as banking. Thus the historical bad reputation of the Jews… which ncreased as the central banking yndicate established a monopoly on supplying the world with imaginary money, all issued as debt… and not backed up by gold, silver or anything of  material value – only by empty government promises to pay out more of the same borrowed promises to pay. And I’ll repeat once again: highlighting this deep, dark problem of humanity is not anti-semitic.”

from The Threshold Perspective Dialogues


Notes from the Threshold & The Threshold Perspective Dialogues are available as free PDF downloads from www.pathwayinitiatives.co.uk

Mama SCAB: an Introduction – a low budget video on YouTube at www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0yyzE1sS5k

Papa State – the rough cut: a low budget video on YouTube at www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFOW0eAXNLM


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